Get Wild, Get Wild, Get, Get…

by Bradley Stern

The video for Namie Amuro‘s latest single, “WILD.” It’s sort of like if you ripped the suck out of Janet Jackson‘s video for “Feedback”!

Though it’s no “WHAT A FEELING,” the video is another shining example of Namie’s effortless dancing maneuvers (though perhaps a little too unaffected in parts). Loads of slow-mo shots and general fierceness abound.

Muusers, this is what I’d like to refer to as a J-Pop star doing it right.

I won’t name names…Utada.

  • Proud East Coast Liberal

    You are right on. She is highlighting her strengths in this video. LOVE IT!!

  • Proud East Coast Liberal

    Seriously this gal is doing it right. What is Hikki thinking? Where is she going?