Cheryl Cole: 3 Words (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Well, so much for an album full of manufactured R&B pop.

“3 Words,” the next single and title track off of Cheryl Cole‘s debut solo album, is just about the antithesis of lead single, “Fight For This Love.” Complimented by a throbbing pulse and guitar strum devoid of form, “3 Words” is mesmerizing in its listlessness; a brave choice for second single (or any single for that matter).

“It was those three words that saved my life,” Cole coos as the track shifts form throughout, transforming from a guitar strum into a lulling piano melody, only to later give way to a harder synthesized break.

Stylistically, “3 Words” unlike anything Cheryl or Will.I.Am have released, nor is it anything similar to what’s currently being played on the radio. It doesn’t fall under a genre, it’s unconventional. Sure, there are some truly dire lyrical moments (“I said ‘I L-O-V-E Y-O-U, I am so into you, girl. She said ‘M-E T-O-O'”), but the lazy delivery style by both Cole and Will.i.Am smartly veils their poetic shortcomings.

Even if the rest of Cole’s debut is filled with Rihanna rejects and embarrassing faux-rapping, “3 Words” has already defied my expectations enough to make the album worth purchasing. The only drawback is that it’s Will.i.Am singing those lines with Chezza. Otherwise, it’s almost brilliant.

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  • http://www.vividblurry.com Toby

    I agree with your review – a really interesting song, you can’t really place it in a genre. I bet the remixes will be great.

  • http://www.muumuse.com Brad

    Thanks! I agree–the mixes should be killer. They’ve basically got a blank slate to work with!

  • http://popdivalc.blogspot.com Mel

    Hmmm. After “Fight For This Love”, I was totally disinterested in this project. Suppose I’ll check this one out.

  • http://just-a-bit-skeet.blogspot.com Jordan

    This is the most beautiful thing either one of them have created, in my opinion… I do think Will sounds lovely with her, and I’m glad he didn’t over do the auto-tune. It’s just, well, fantastic.

  • RJ


  • avi

    liked it, very catchy.

  • Ryan

    gr8 song, love cheryl, will.i.am is a legend

  • Roxy

    I love the song love the both of ye keep makin grt music

  • Tom

    sounds a bit like TATU. Do you agree???

  • katiee

    OMG……………SIK TRACK sure its gunna b number1 i like this better then fight 4 this luv nd i loved that song lol

  • Claudia

    Love the groove in “Three Words” ~ my new favourite . The UK produces great music !

  • Anonymous

    I think d track is amazing I didn’ t like her 1st one at all this one gives me goose bumps and pulls on my heart strings lol

  • alex


  • Celine Mc Guigan

    I think this song is really good and i love it but i prefer Fight for this love

  • Anonymous

    it is so good

  • Kammy

    Get off her nuts. The song is crap. Stop trying to will yourself into believeing its some kind of deep art. She cant sing. Lord knows why she is a judge of a singing competition. Shes a thug. But it just goes to show the kind of people the British public hold in high esteem.

  • nataliex

    ermmm well shes a very limited singer, proberbly the best she can do but its shocking. I cant bare it and sounds awful. My best friends her biggest song and hates it.very bad if it gets to number one its because of who she is and her fan base from xfactor.sorry cheza

  • hollie

    wat a load of shit!!

  • marina

    this song shows how she can sing and how she sounds very well with will. people stop being horrible this is truelly a good song. dont deny it.x luv chezza

  • nicky

    best song xx

  • Keir

    Quite frankly, one of the worst songs of recent times. People’s taste in music is going downhill and I’m ashamed to say; the British have the worst music taste this generation. I’m British myself and I cannot stand half the crap we come up with.

    This song, is so monotone and dull it’s unreal. Add awful singing, a boring baseline and this is what you get. The song is so derivative. I don’t care what people say, neither of them can sing. The song is awful.

    What happened to the days where people would listen to REAL music like JJ72? Thank God Lady Gaga is around, she’s the only person bringing anything new to the table nowadays.