Kylie Minogue: All The Lovers (Video Premiere)

by Bradley Stern

At long last, here comes the video premiere for “All The Lovers,” Kylie Minogue‘s first single off of her upcoming studio album, Aphrodite.

In case (like me) you were feeling a bit of a drought following the release of Britney‘s “Radar,” fear not:


Just try to keep it in your pants from the 2:30 mark up until the 2:45 mark. I defy you. Look at those muscles! I got you on my neighdar, that’s for damn sure.

More importantly, the cat is officially out of the bag: Yes, I’m in the video. Kylie’s camp was nice enough to fly me out all expenses paid to be featured alongside the reigning disco diva for a few sweet moments.

…What? You didn’t see me? Err, fine. Here’s a screen cap if you don’t believe me:

I still can’t believe it. My video debut–with Kylie! Insane.

But seriously: Is this literally the gayest release thus far this year? Maybe so, yes. (That dove scene really drives the point home.)

But is it brilliant? By all means, yes. An incredible concept and a gorgeous set of visuals–100% MuuMuse approved.

(Plus, it still reminds me of “Slow” gone vertical. Amazing.)

  • http://www.theprophetblog.net The Prophet Blog


    We both mentioned the horse porn!

    It must be a britney stan thing!

  • http://www.muumuse.com Bradley Stern

    I will literally use any reason possible to bring up Britney Spears in a post.

    B stans unite!

  • Sylfi

    That was hot as HELL. How did she shoot that video?!

    But the horse porn? Why? I mean, I’m not horsophobic, but I just didn’t understand it.

  • mds100

    What about the elephant?!?!?

  • hotirish1987

    The horse and the elephant are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and the title of her up and coming album, no?

  • frutty

    Well, because the white elephant is a symbol of Aphrodite triumphant:

    “triumph of Aphrodite, entering preceded by wild beasts led in chains by Cupids, the white elephant and all – what a field for the plastic art!”
    [Charles Kingsley, “Hypatia”, Chap. XX]

    The white horse is sexuality in general, while the pyramid stands for the Olympus…and the general message is that everyone is free to love anyone, no matter what colour, race, sex, etc. you are!!!…I love Kylie and this video is just marvellous!!!

  • Sylfi

    Frutty, you just made everything make sense and now it’s even MORE awesome.

  • http://www.muumuse.com Bradley Stern


    Thank you for that excellent assessment. Agree with Sylfi–you’ve added a lot of depth to an already fabulous clip!


  • Jarrod

    loved the guys making out 1.17

  • Rickardo

    Love the video, love her, love seeing everyone making out! Great track!

  • Mauricio

    I love it so much more cause of the symbolism!
    Have you noticed that the way Kylie’s dress flows on the cover of Aphrodite looks kinda like an elephant head?
    Or does it not?
    Or maybe like one of those vagina drawings from anatomy textbooks.