M.I.A. Continues to Create Visually Disturbing Websites, Now Featuring Hot Beats

by Bradley Stern

After linking to a video featuring /\/\/\Y/\ album track “Story to Be Told” that takes viewers though dizzying trip through HTML and Captcha screens, M.I.A. has just posted a link on Facebook to another new website.

Like her own website, this one looks like a cross between a Geocities fan page circa-1996 and a Sega Genesis RPG. Thing is, the previously unreleased track playing on repeat in the background is fresh as fuck.

Bolstered by a grimey dub-step grind and some minimal beats, Maya supplies her slickest taunt: “You think you’re bad, you think you’re so fucking cool, Generation Lily-white…we’re already dead.”

Luckily, thanks to Muuser RJ, I’ve got some clues about the song. Checking out the page’s source leads to some silly search tags:

<~meta name="keywords" content="mia,m.i.a.,mia vs diplo, new song, mp3, hotness, fire, water, love, hate, internet, dump.fm, diplo looks like he smells"~>

And as for the song title? Rip the track and here’s what pops up in iTunes: “gen n- e- y , u cant have me!”

Generation N-E-Y?

I have so many questions. Is this getting released? Is the beat by Diplo? Or is it an attack against him? Lord knows they’ve been bickering forever.

“If you don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a damn.” Perhaps that one line best explains all of this.

  • Drew

    Generation N-E-Y, huh? Is it like Generation Anyway? Sort of like a “Whatever” generation? That’s about all I can gather.

    But the beat is sick!

  • Justice

    it’s called ”u can’t have me”, check it out


  • laura

    first off, how the is that website visually disturbing? I’ve seen worse in ads on kids’ programming. Secondly, check the page’s source again, that’s not the important part. Thirdly, the song is way more important that Diplo.. “you think you’re bad, you think you’re so fucking cool. Generation N E Y, we’re already dead.” Would be speaking to me.. or.. any teen from generation N E Y, which I take to mean ‘anyways’ (say it out loud). We zoomed past generation Y. We’re like, “So.. anyways..enough of this” We’ve seen it all, we’ve been numbed by TV, XBOX, etc. “If you don’t give a fuck, then I don’t give a damn” –attitude of Gen NEY.
    “You can have my money, but you can’t have me,” growing up with adult corporations prying into every aspect of our lives, trying to shove their products in our brains and gain our loyalty.. that’s generation NEY.

  • SSSS

    Very simple M.O.N.E.Y aka “N-E-Y” drug deal gone bad, you can have money but not me.