This is the first promotional shot from Nadine Coyle‘s upcoming solo album, Insatiable. Gorgeous!

From The Sun:

I’ve been given a sneak preview of the album, Insatiable, and it has a slightly rockier feel but still includes familiar-sounding ballads.

Nadine’s first single, also called Insatiable, is released on November 1. The album, out a week later, will be sold exclusively in Tesco.

Can’t say I was expecting anything ‘slightly rockier,’ but time will soon tell. Coyle’s manager tweeted that an announcement will be made tomorrow.

But…’sold exclusively at Tesco.’ Gulp.

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  • Gordon

    I was hoping for guitars actually, but ‘shimmery’ and ‘surfy’ ones. I feel so anxious for her though.

  • Stephen

    Ive bought her new album & it is Brillant!! shes a great singer & it really shows in this album