Listen Now: Madonna Presents Her “Masterpiece” on New Ballad

by Bradley Stern

While we hungrily await (and/or remain anxious about) the final version of “Give Me All Your Love,” the lead single off of Queen of Absolutely Everything Madonna‘s upcoming twelfth studio album, a new song has just arrived to briefly satiate the cravings–and it’s a “Masterpiece.”

The brand new ballad, which leaked in low quality yesterday, will be featured in Madonna’s upcoming film, W.E. The track was co-penned by Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry, who’s penned everything from Kylie Minogue‘s “Put Yourself In My Place” to Britney‘s “Touch Of My Hand.”

“And I can’t tell you why/It hurts so much/To be in love with a masterpiece,” Madonna croons. While it’s difficult to fully appreciate the production on this William Orbit-produced ballad because of the low quality leak, the song’s minimal beat and lush, sweeping strings sound immense so far. Plus, Madonna’s vocals are absolutely lovely!

The track also gives me some “To Have And Not To Hold” vibes, one of the album tracks included on Madonna’s impeccable 1998 release, Ray of Light (and another Madonna/Orbit production.)

Nothing fails when it comes to Madonna and balladry, and “Masterpiece” is no exception: I love everything about this–from the lyrics (“From the moment I first saw you/All the darkness turned to white/An impressionistic painting/Tiny particles of light”) to the gorgeous, understated instrumentation.

I’m SO excited to hear this one when it’s released properly!

EDIT: A 13-second clip of the final version has surfaced, including a taste of the full orchestra. If the rest of the song plays this beautifully, “Masterpiece” might just be one of my new favorite Madonna ballads of all time.

Madonna’s 12th studio album will be released in 2012. (iTunes)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittykat3544 Katie Gustafson

    People like Madonna (and Britney) need to release/record more ballads. They’re both known for catchy dance pop, but really shine in ballad form.

  • Purple Crush

    she has always been undervalued as ballad singer/writer….she wears her heart on her sleeve with honesty in search of truth #tryandcopythat

  • Britneylover

    it sounds so lovely, even if it’s in low quality…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=39501096 Ben Douglas

    it already sounds amazing. can’t wait for more material!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joearmenia Joe Armenia

    I agree with everything isla says, always

  • http://twitter.com/imnotmau Mauricio

    wow it’s really beautiful :3

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrick-Cremeans/100002456771907 Patrick Cremeans

    Britney doesn’t shine in any form, and is in no way comparable to Madonna.

  • Lyraedi

    Oh wow, how rude.  Some people, including myself, actually enjoy Britney’s music.

    You should try to be more open-minded.

  • Raversboy27

    its a masterpiece :)

  • Truth

    She’s using the nasal voice from Hard Candy and Celebration, yeah? I wish she’d use the Evita/Ray of Light voice again, she sounds a lot better with it. Like a real singer. The nasal voice is just grating

  • bitch please

    Clearly you have no knowledge about singing. Madonna here is singing a lot in ‘head’ and ‘mix’ voice. It’s not nasal, you just have a bad ear honey.

  • little angel


  • Jsal322

    Can’t wait for M.D.N.A !

  • http://igtsoft.com David Wong

    When I watched the Golden Globe Awards last night, I did not know the song. Now I do and it is a very good song.

  • Freakybbc

    britney is a fat fuk