Daily B: Happy 1st Anniversary, Femme Fatale! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Happy 1st Anniversary, Femme Fatale!

One year ago today, Britney shut our mouths and turned us Inside Out with the release of
her brilliant seventh studio album, Femme Fatale.

Starting off with the major bang that was “Hold It Against Me” (original review) back on January 10, 2011, the promotional campaign saw the living legend look (Drop Dead) Beautiful in the pages of V, Out and Glamour, take to the stage at Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and the 2011 Billboard Music Awards with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, take home the Video Vanguard Award at the 2011 MTV VMAs and embark on a major tour across the world.

Femme Fatale spawned four Hot 100 charting singles in total, including “Hold It Against Me” (#1), “Till The World Ends (#3), “I Wanna Go” (#7) and “Criminal” (#55).

The album also broke dozens of records: Femme Fatale became Britney’s first album to have three Top Ten Hot 100 singles in a row, “Hold It Against Me” became Britney’s fourth #1 and broke the record for the fastest one-week spin increase at radio, “Till The World Ends” became Britney’s biggest radio hit of her entire career–well, until “I Wanna Go,” which became an even bigger smash on the radio and her 12th Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit. Plus, Femme Fatale and The Femme Fatale Tour DVD have gone platinum since their release.

Along the way, we met Pandahatney and Awkwardney, slurped some delicious sweet tea, battled our inner demons, got stuck in a few manholes, became lactose intolerant and stole a few vanilla candles. When all was said and done, there was no doubt that 2011 was truly the Year of the Spears.

So if I said I wanted to celebrate this album now…would you Hold It Against Me?

MuuMuse is proud to be giving away
One Premium Fan Edition of Femme Fatale.

Not sure what’s included? Well, imagine Femme Fatale is the bass. Now imagine that the bass is getting BIG-GAH. Okay, fine–I Wanna Go ahead and give you an actual description:

Limited edition oversized 32-page hardcover book:

Measures 9.5” x 9.5”
Complete photo shoot including exclusive shots not available anywhere else
High quality paper stock with lush printing
Two heavy board sleeves holding:
Deluxe album CD (plus Japanese-released bonus track “Scary”) with alternate disc art
7” vinyl picture disc exclusive to this package!
A-side – “Hold It Against Me” w/ full color Britney image
B-side – Instrumental w/ Femme Fatale logo

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite part of the Femme Fatale era and why.

It could be a performance, the “Hold It Against Me” video teasers, a magazine shoot, Britney kicking that fucker in the balls, a quote, a specific song–get creative! We’re Britney fans–that’s How We Roll. Take me on a Trip To Your Heart–just don’t forget to Seal It With A Kiss. And yes, this is open to international entrants as well. (That’s you too, insane Brazilian fans!)

A winner will be selected and notified on Wednesday, April 11.

By the way: The Premium Fan Edition is also available at a majorly discounted price for ONE DAY ONLY in celebration of the Femme Fatale Anniversary over at Britney.com today at $41.99 (retails at $64.99).

To The Holy Spearit: Thank you yet again for providing us with an album that will truly keep us dancing Till The World Ends. (And don’t keep us waiting too long for Album #8…that’d be Criminal!) We love you, B!

While you’re in the Spearit, check out the original MuuMuse review of Femme Fatale, the “Hold It Against Me” video analysis, the “Till The World Ends” analysis the “I Wanna Go” video analysis, my review from the Boston stop of the Femme Fatale Tour and keep going below the cut for tons of videos from the era.

Thank you to T. Kyle. for creating the Anniversary .GIFs!

Femme Fatale was released on March 29, 2011. (iTunes)

  • samir

    plain and simple, my favorite part of the femme fatale era was her 
    performance of “hold it against me” on jimmy kimmel
    being a britney fan since i was 7, i remember watching her on mtv when my parents were still together
    and that performance on JKL was the first time i saw her in person.
    the first time i saw her perfect, flawless, barbie self in person and saw her perform.
    it was an amazing feeling which i’ll never forget. especially being surrounded by people who all shared
    the love i had for her.
    it was “cool” (;

  • http://twitter.com/minhdinh Minh Dinh

    1. Her surprise performance in Vegas
    2. These damn Hold It Against Me teaser clips leading up to the video premiere
    3. Till The World Ends. nuff said
    4. the way she said Vanilla Candles
    5. How amazing the Criminal video was
    6. Her billboard performance with the bunny ears. sex.
    7. The Gimme More performance on tour
    8. That moment when everyone was like “Is that her voice?” after seeing the GMA announcement
    9. Her dancing to slave 4 u on tour
    10. this: http://i43.tinypic.com/9vhzwi.jpg

  • http://kingluncaged.tumblr.com/ King L. Uncaged

    Britney doing the slave routine again ’cause I just need Danceney in my life, Criminal – the song – ’cause it that flute slayed my life from the very first moment , the feeling during the first listen of “Hold It Against Me” which was completely out of this world and  the fact that I still get that feeling everytime I listen to it! Happy Birthday Femme Fatale!

  • http://twitter.com/mmrales Martin

    Every era has had its trademarks – “Britney” was a huge coming of age story, “In the Zone” marked a sexual reawakening in not only Britney’s music but all of pop, “Blackout” was mysterious and enticing, “Circus” was a reaffirmation to the world. 

    Then there’s Femme Fatale. This album is not just a culmination of everything we’ve ever loved about Britney, but it is her digging her boot heels into pop music – reminding people that you can say what you want about her, but she’s still here. I think that her still being as big as she is despite all of her problems is a huge act of defiance to an unforgiving and unrelenting culture that disposes of pop phenomenons on a yearly basis.

    What I loved the most about this era is just that – the defiance. The fact that she’s still here and still kicking ass is a big “f you” to the ones who have called her “talentless” for so long. I couldn’t be happier that I’ve supported her this whole time.

    More importantly, though, on some cognitive level I’ve associated this album with everything I’ve gone through in the past year. On a personal level, I’ll never forget my first year in New York City, walking down the streets and listening to the album over and over. I’ll never forget the summer that I decided I’d hit up as many shows of the Femme Fatale Tour as I possibly could just because she’s the only one who’s worth it (to me). I’ll especially never forget that amazing moment that I was lucky enough to go up on stage for “Lace and Leather.” That crazy, surreal experience was definitely the peak of the FF era for me – not only did I get to be a part of the show, but I got to actually live out everything I’ve loved about Brit. Not to mention, I got to share the experience with friends. As sappy as it sounds, I’d like to think that I didn’t go up on that stage alone, but with everyone else who I’ve shared that Britney connection with. 

    I can’t imagine what album 8 will be like, but I can’t wait. I can say, though, that nothing will ever match this era for me.

  • Grant P

    It was when I first got the cd and ran to my car to listen to it. I went for a long drive to listen to the whole thing. My player was on random so it bounced around the tracklisting, and LOVED everything I was hearing. But then the gem Up N Down came on. I had to stop the car and pull over cuz I couldn’t concentrate on my driving. My tears of happiness was hindering my ability. I KNEW at that moment…she’s back.

    That and seeing her live in Boston. I see that ticket every morning on my desk and it brings me back. I can now die happy. 8/8/2011 <3

  • Mimo São

    It’s not possible to choose a best moment on the Femme Fatale Era: that would limit a perfect time to a few words.

  • Lewiepooie

    I loved seeing her get given a refreshing interview, like the one with pop justice, with REAL questions, not just “how do you stay in shape”. I loved those glimpses of Britney as an artist. Though few and far between, these glimpses of what make Britney shine and stay on top is what keeps me going. She’s so unbelievably illusive and the Femme Fatale era shrouded her in even more mysticism. Ultimately, as a pop star she did her job, because the part I loved the most, was the part where I wanted more.


  • http://twitter.com/hfxrobb RJ R

    I thought the whole cd was fabulous it gave me hope that Britney was back on top again and ready to rip the world apart with her Fiercness!! She instills confidence in her fans.
    Loved all the songs especially Til the world ends,awesome video.Drop dead Beutiful, hold it against me and id Criminal how fiece she looked in the stills from the CD booklet.

     I saw her in Ottawa and it was mind blowing anf what an amazing talent she is.
    I can’t wait to see what she does next!!

    I’d like to be the Canadain that wins this

  • http://www.facebook.com/sethmonster12 Seth Lisewski

    The best part of the Femme Fatale era? Its Epic epicness of course! The best part seriously though would probably be the premiere single where Brit changed pop music into a dubstep direction, that we wil probably be using for years to come! The energy from this era really tops any other era. You can see it and you can feel it at her concert and it just makes you wanna get up and DANCE!!!! This era has proven that shes still got it and she won’t be getting tired anytime soon!!!

  • Jose Torres

    So many amazing memories, the most I’ve ever had wih an era. From seeing her in SF to seein her at jimmy kümmel 2 days later. But the beat memory was the Hold It Against Me video released on my birthday 2/17 I was so happy. Came on after jersey shore on big screen at the sushi bar

  • http://www.facebook.com/gbhathco Garrison Brantley Hathcock

     my favorite part was her tiny hand claps in till the world ends :)

  • http://twitter.com/lordemilius Emilio

    My favourite part of the Femme Fatale era was the whole period surrounding the release of HIAM. From the crazy anticipation leading up to THEE DAY, to the actual song and its amazingly mindfucking breakdown (DUBNEY!), to the slaying of all the other bitches on the charts (although that was kinda short lived, BUT STILL), it was one of my proudest moments as a Godney stan. Can’t wait for the next era.

  • Andrew

    Hold it Against Me video. By farrrrr. When she’s rising up, virginal in that white dress, her old videos playing all around her… #perfection

  • http://twitter.com/letmebrkTHE_ICE ts

    Looking back at the year of the Femme Fatale means looking
    back into a swirling delirium of perfection that only Godney can truly provide.
    If only I had a dollar for everytime (notice that for me it will always be one word
    because Britney has redefined the modern spelling of ‘every time’) I used the
    words ‘flawless,’ ‘epic,’ ‘godney,’ ‘stunning’ and ‘iconic’ on forums and
    comments, I would actually be able to afford the collector’s edition of FF. But
    my favorite thing about the era? Where to start… The second I saw the single
    art for HIAM I knew that we were at the beginning of something special. The
    following snippets and the release of the album appropriately blew my mind and
    turned me inside out (my favorite FF song). However, the moment that will stick
    with me the most was the debut of the TTWE video. I remember sitting at my
    laptop waiting for midnight to arrive, and the second it did, I knew it had
    been worth it. With fitting throwbacks to Slave and Oops but the addition of
    some FF flavoring, the video was everything I had ever wanted and so so much
    more.  Britney’s smile (I’d post a link,
    but oh I know all good stans know that gif of her smile at the end of the vid!)
    literally slayed me. She looked so happy, so fresh, so present and SO GOD DAMN
    SEXY. The bitch was back and better than ever… even if the set looked like it
    was covered in poop :P If that is any indication of what the apocalypse will be
    like, then bring it on, bitches!

  • Coty

    Let’s see.  First I love the whole thing, the whole era and the whole album.  The album is great, the tour is/was great and everything else in between.  She finally got back on top where she belonged more so than the last two albums.  Maybe not as much as in the beginning of her career but still amazing.  Probably my favorite part was before we knew anything about it.  The hyper for Hold It Against Me.  The title sounded stupid to me at first and I was disappointed.  Even after first listen I was like hmm idk.  Finally after the music lightbulb went on, I fell in love and the rest is history.  The video just made the foundation for a great era.  It is and will be one of my favorite albums. FFF<3!

  • Tim S.

    My favorite part of the era was the Femme Fatale tour. It was great to watch Britney light up on stage again, and it was a great improvement over the Circus Tour!

  • http://twitter.com/PourHomme80 A Mod Squad

    What did I like about the Femme Fatale era….that’s easy….I liked that we got another project from the iconic and legendary B.  In specific, I loved the direction the music took on this project.  My personal fave tracks are:
    1. Trip to your Heart
    2. Till the World Ends
    3. Up N’ Down
    4. How I Roll
    5. Inside Out
    The entire album was awesome but these five songs were my soundtrack for most of 2011 and helped push Britney into Icon status.  Hopefully the success of this album lets her know how appreciated she is by her fans.  Britney, we are ready for more hot music and more hot videos! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/ArrrnBoyle Aaron Boyle

    my favourite part about the era was that it gave me something to listen to when the hot mess that was born this way came out. this album kept me sane and proved that britbrit is best <3 (also because it's my 20th birthday on the 10th lol)

  • http://twitter.com/juancsantoyo Juan Carlos Santoyo

    There were some great moments from the “Femme
    Fatale” era I could choose as my favourite part, so I think I could
    summarize them in this way.

    When Britney Spears did a video announcing a leg for
    her Latin America tour, I was shocked. That was the news I was waiting for almost
    twelve years after she became my favourite artist since I heard ‘(You Drive Me)
    Crazy [The Stop! Remix]’ on the radio and, finally, I was going to see her for
    the very first time in Lima, Peru. The months passed and while I was counting the
    days to see her, I found out that famos* was going to continue with its contest
    through Latin America, so I tried my best to win, but I didn’t succeed.

    Finally, the day (November 24) arrived. I sang, I
    shouted and I enjoyed the show as no one else did, like my life would end that
    day. And I think I received a consolation prize: Britney replied a tweet I made
    after her concert in Lima. Although she couldn’t make the lap dance for me, I
    could say that (some part of) my life was completed. Next challenge: Meeting
    her :)

  • http://twitter.com/BritneyAddicts Brandon

    My favorite part of the Femme Fatale era had to be Dr. Luke.
    We all remember when he tweeted that the first word of HIAM was, “HEY.”WE ALL LITERALLY SHAT BRIX.
    I mean, no one else could make thousands of people go crazy with the simple word: Hey.
    Let’s not forget the snippets.
    Who didn’t scream when they heard the high note in the Inside Out snippet?
    NO ONE.Who didn’t act like a studdering robot after hearing, “I- I- I wanna go- o-o all the way- ay- ay?”
    NO ONE.
    Who didn’t think Britney said, “Where my pussies at?’
    NO ONE.
    Who didn’t die after hearing the dubstep in the SIWAK snippet?NO ONE.
    Who didn’t feel like they were living a in a village after hearing Criminal?NO ONE.
    Who remained calm while listening to any of these snippets?NO ONE.
    Everyday for a month I would continuously check my phone is school to see if any snippets were released!He simply added so much to this era.

  • Ptsilver04

    Its so difficult to choose my favorite moment from the Femme Fatale era. But after much thinking I’ve decided my favorite moment was the premiere of the Hold it Against Me video. The song was already amazing and the video came and completely blew my expectations. She looked gorgeous in the video, had dancing (maybe not as much as people wanted) and had a connection/message in it. My friend and I saw it and we were just in tears at the end of the video. It was fantastic and showcased why we love her and continue to support her. After the HIAM video, the videos just got better, but the HIAM video is just much more amazing to me, therefore its my favorite moment of the Femme Fatale era. 

  • mika

    this; simple, subtle (as in details, everything in FF is about details), mysterious

  • http://www.muumuse.com Bradley Stern

    Congratulations Paolo…YOU’VE WON! Please check your email to claim your prize. xo