Listen to a Snippet of Madonna’s New ‘MDNA’ Album Track: “Superstar”

by Bradley Stern

Let the next week of Madonna‘s MDNA 60-second leaks formally begin! (Oh, and having the whole album leak right about now wouldn’t hurt either, Pop Gods. Please?)

Today’s clip is “Superstar,” which was co-penned and produced by Hardy “Indiigo” Muanza and Michael Malih. It also features Madonna’s own daughter Lourdes, though I’m not sure if she’s actually featured in this preview…background vocals, perhaps?

“You can have the password to my phone, I’ll give you a massage when I get home,” Madge promises on the sugary-sweet, instantly summer-friendly pop tune. You hear that, Brahim?

Digging this one…it really ought to be played on the radio this summer. Listen to “Superstar” now!

“Ooh la la, you’re my superstar…”

MDNA will be released on March 26. (iTunes)

  • http://twitter.com/Chrisjcxa Chris

    Refreshing, and the lyrics don’t sound really horrible in the context of the song. This should be on the radio.

  • AaronB

    When I read the reviews of this, and read some of the lyrics, I thought it’d be abismal, but I actually really enjoy it. Very light, very fun. It sounds as carefree as GMAYL was trying to be (and wasn’t).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=31208195 Rob Godby

    This morning I had a combo of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. It was super sweet and I loved it! This song makes me feel the same way. It’s a light, fun song and I’m glad that they didn’t overly process her vocals. 

  • Arte

    Does anyone else find it similar to Muse’s Starlight? like the music, I don’t how to explain it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=31208195 Rob Godby

    Does anyone think this preview sounds like it much higher quality than the others? I feel like Gang Bang (my fave) sounds very muffled.

  • http://twitter.com/Chrisjcxa Chris

     Yeah, the drum beat and the guitar over it. I doubt the guitar is actually similar though, it is only that both songs try to deliver this kind of joyful energy using the same tools.
    If it was identical I wouldn’t be surprised though, it’s not like this project screams originality.

  • Dang


  • steve

    Most of the other leaks just seemed like producer numbers, a major issue in pop.  When producers get over themselves and realize they belong in the background, an actual song begins to emerge.  The producers like to be in front now, and this is the first of the leaks where Madonna is taking front and center, not the concept and/or the beat.  I’m just going to give up on expecting an committed and energetic vocal.  Her vocals on “Hard Candy” were so much better.  And I’d take “Incredible” and “Heartbeat” over this anyday.

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  • Brit

     Wrong post. This isn’t about Lady Who.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=31208195 Rob Godby

    Gaga has nothing so simple and sweet. Plus the lyrics to Madonna’s songs make sense. “Stunnin’ with my love glue gunnin’? Umm…what?

  • Louigi12

    I think one of the early MDNA reviews compared this to “Cherish” and I’m hearing it — in a good way! 

  • http://twitter.com/RumorWillis Rumor Willis

    You’re an idiot!

  • Dang

    That was a lyrics from Gaga’s first album, which was pretty generic, but her recent meterial is much more complex, unlike this generic shiite.

  • Bee

     LOL. The state of delusion. Stop confusing Gaga for Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell. As for generic… the songs of Gaga’s last two albums are rehashes of songs that came out 20 years ago–Ace of Base cheese and all.