Cheryl Cole: “Call My Name” (Single Review)

by Bradley Stern

Time to cut your hair, paint your toes and cry those happy tears once again, ladies and ladyboys: Miss Cheryl is back!

Following two massive lead solo singles–2009’s “Fight For This Love” and 2010’s “Promise This” (both of which peaked at #1)–the gorgeous Girls Aloud chanteuse and former X Factor UK darling is going three-for-three with her Calvin Harris-produced single: “Call My Name,” the lead track from her upcoming album A Million Lights.

If it wasn’t already clear from Ne-Yo‘s “Let’s Go and the Scissor Sisters‘ “Only The Horses,” it is now: Calvin’s sticking to a template–namely, Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” (and soon to follow, “Where Have You Been”)–and he’s not letting go anytime soon.

“How d’you think I feel when you call my name? You got me confused by the way I change!” Cheryl cries out on repeat over the Ibiza-friendly beat breakdown of a chorus. It’s got the exact same electro-Caribbean rhythms and hands-aloft euphoric energy as “We Found Love,” and nearly the same melody too–but for some reason, I don’t necessarily mind the lack of innovation. It’s a banga, and Cheryl owns the track in her own right…even if it doesn’t quite reach to a higher level.

The song seems to fizzle out a bit early as well, leaving Mizz Cheryl to ad-lib like a ’90’s House queen (“OOH-oh-oh-OH!“) for about a minute or so. It’s an unusual way to close out the track (where’s the bridge, Chezza?!), but once again, I can’t say I mind that much either. Actually, the ’90’s influence throughout is the best part.

Although unadventurous (can’t cope with the “We Found Love” comparisons? Try PopJustice’s 7 Stages of the Cheryl Single), “Call My Name” is still a solid, repeat-friendly (if not by-the-numbers) production from an artist back where she belongs: On the dance floor.

And keep your eyes peeled for what’s next: The Anthony Mandler-directed clip for the song hits Vevo on May 2.

BREAKING (1 PM): Cheryl’s “Call My Name” sounds VERY GOOD in a car with the windows down. Score adjusted accordingly.



“Call My Name” will be released on June 10. (iTunes UK)

  • Keep Me On Your Radar

    I LOVE THIS TRACK!! It has been on repeat in my headphones for the last two hours now :´)
    check out my sizzling review on my blog aswell:

    xoxo Swedish girl music blogger

  • Pez


    I loved fight for this love and promise this is one of my all time most played songs.

    This is… unworthy.

  • Lanceh

    Calvin needs to cut the shit. He’s best when he performs on his own tracks, which would make the same-ness of his tracks seem less formulaic and more thematic. Also, his voice is much more interesting tbh. It worked for Rihanna, but Scissor Sisters and now this…. not working. Enough. He’s like the new Timberland – except he’s actually talented if he stops producing for other people and works on his own projects. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/notAfrce2recnwit David Carlotta

    I can’t stop playing this song!  It was so-so at first and on repeat it is amazing, its a hit!

  • http://twitter.com/Tillology Matt Castillo

    This song is absolutley ADDICTING. Way to go Cheryl Stunning Cole. On a related note. . . so Calvin Harris is the new David Guetta for 2012?

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaPingley Joshua Pingley

    It’s good on first listen. Great on the second listen. Amazing on the third listen. Absolutely fucking mind-blowing and on nonstop repeat after that.

  • Greg M.

     EXACTLY !!
    I didn’t like it on first listen, but since I love Cheryl, I had to give it a second spin & now I’ve had the generic smash on repeat for the past two days :O

  • Steve Z.

    Her previous work was more innovative and did so much to create a sound for her as an artist.  Once they announced Calvin Harris was producing, I thought maybe he was going to be ready to break the We Found Love mold and find an artist he could cut loose with as a producer.  I was wrong.  Wonder why Cheryl has started playing it safe?  Maybe she’s planning on jumping on the bandwagon with The Wanted and One Direction?  Personally, I feel the UK has been making better songs than America; so I wish they’d bring their songs and not just conform to the American standard.  The British Invasion should bring something new, not just songs that could’ve been sung by Americans sung by Brits.  But Cheryl can perform her ass off.  She’d slay this live and show little RiRi how a woman performs We Found Love.