Christina Aguilera Continues Down Shady, Insane ‘Lotus’ Promo Trail with Rolling Stone

by Bradley Stern

Does anyone else smell a Cheesy Gordita Crunch?

With “Your Body” currently setting the charts ablaze at #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 4 weeks (SAY!), it’s safe to say that iconic 2001 Blockbuster Award-winning songstress Christina Aguilera owns the throne yet again.

This week, the Mi Reflejo chanteuse took a breather from her hectic schedule of having Baby Max dye her hair in a bathtub full of pink Kool-Aid, writing homoerotic One Direction slash fan-fiction and spraying down her lawn with Christina Aguilera: Red Sin to keep the woodland creatures away at night in order to SAY a few things about her upcoming grand masterpiece, Lotus to Rolling Stone.

And once again, she’s out-Legendtina‘ed herself.

Below are some of the gems from Rolling Stone‘s story about the upcoming LP (not made up!), which was shakily typed out by the hogtied writer in front of Legendtina’s 1996 IBM with a bat hovering just above his head.

Prepare for Britney shade, Bionic praise and a whole lot of…SAY!

(Oh, and she also snuck backstage at Chelsea Lately last night to spread her legs.)

On the Dark Side Of The Moon of our time, Bionic

“It had a lot of amazing sounds and a futuristic twist to it,” she says. “But if you weren’t a music person, it was just going to go over your head. A lot of the collaborations were with people that were either very underground or weren’t necessarily from the pop world. I really think it was far ahead of its time and it’ll be fully appreciated in the years to come.”

On the “Car Wash” chanteuse’s commitment to integrity…

“I don’t really push myself to have those formulaic commercial successes. It’s dishonest and it starts lacking creativity. I embraced being a pop artist, but I like doing it on my own terms, at my own pace.”

On whether or not she already knew Max Martin’s name…

“I’m not sure we would have been able to create the same music had we connected earlier,” she says. “He did all the Britney and N’Sync songs, and I was doing something a little more daring. But we’ve gained respect for each other.”

On fans, and evolving as an artist post-“Bobblehead” and “Sex For Breakfast”…

“The most shocking moment on Lotus is the bonus track “Shut Up,” a furious screed against haters in which Aguilera repeatedly chants “If you don’t like it you can suck my dick.” “That’s for my fans to blast in their cars,” she says. “I know a lot of them get heated and pissed off whenever they hear some bullshit rumor or bullshit story, and it’s a great venting song for anyone that is having a bad day or not liking their boss.”

Check out the full article at Rolling Stone and prepare your body to get FUCKED: The Lotus is coming, and it’s multi-layered, heartfelt and extra stinky.


  • http://twitter.com/MadiFierce MΛDI

    Shut Up will be our new anthem tbh.

  • Tedra

    I don’t necessarily see how she’s throwing shade at Britney. She’s saying she didn’t want to be like her at the time.Christina is one of my favorites, and I also love Britney, but I don’t want to be too much like either of them. I want to be myself. This is me speaking for both of them being some sort of inspiration for me.

  • Allison

    I don’t see any Britney shade…it’s well documented that in 2001, Christina had no interest in making the type of pop that Britney and NSync were doing with Max Martin. She’d be lying if she said otherwise.

  • Bridges

    I wonder if Xtina realizes that interviews like this only decrease her possible fan-base even more, at such a critical point in her career (flop album, flop movie and flop comeback single) she should be trying to engage new listeners and make new fans since she’s not a hot ticket anymore (though apparently no one ever bothered to tell her that) but I guess she is not concerned about appealing to unworthy “not-music-persons” or “not-true-fans-of-music”. Anyway, I’m excited to listen to “Lotus” since it’ll surely be a really good album, too bad the general public doesn’t give a fuck about her music so it’ll just go unnoticed *sigh*

  • http://twitter.com/LuisDiez Luis Enrique Diez


  • http://twitter.com/JuasaXe Juanes Sanchez

    SAY! “she’s not a hot ticket anymore (though apparently no one ever bothered to tell her that)” lol

  • http://twitter.com/JuasaXe Juanes Sanchez

    …. and now shes spreading her legs on tv *rolls eyes* … shes so desperate that its really sad and being such a dellusional “music” person makes it too funny

  • http://twitter.com/LuisDiez Luis Enrique Diez


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IVP6PIFBBI36VXHE6TB5PURUWE J

    Always entertaining, yes, (not real journalism) but you really need some new allusions other than always calling her the 2001 Blockbuster award winner and Mi Reflejo artist, I thought you were more creative than that…sigh…this blog always disappoints me…

    (p.s. the Taco Bell comments are starting to get racist at this point and if you’re saying she’s connected to Taco Bell its because of charity work…which just makes you look bad tbqh)

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    Ummm i love your blog, these stories are always hilariously entertaining. Haters gon hate haha we need this “Shut up” track ASAP! but keep up the good work mate!

  • Askie Fox

    Bitter person go to hell….

  • Askie Fox

    If this blog ” always disappoint u, then what r u doing here? Get a life J.