Girls Aloud Fans Get It Right With Second ‘Ten’ Disc Tracklisting

by Bradley Stern

Aloud fans never let me down.

Last week, Girls Aloud announced that the second disc of Ten, their upcoming greatest hits collection due in November, would be selected by the fans through a vote. And after a few days of voting, the results have been revealed on the Aloud’s official website.

And they are…

1. Graffiti My Soul
2. Wake Me Up
3. Wild Horses
4. Swinging London Town
5. Whole Lotta History
6. Crazy Fool
7. Girl Overboard
8. Black Jacks
9. Hoxton Heroes
10. Memory Of You

There’s a whole lot of history (and goodness) to be found here, including “Graffiti My Soul” off of What Will The Neighbours Say?–the unsung Aloud single as far as I’m concerned–as well as Chemistry‘s incredible “Swinging London Town,” “Whole Lotta History,” and its Cheryl-only B-side, “Crazy Fool.” And of course, the ultimate flick a finger to the world below: “Hoxton Heroes,” the indie kiss-off track that served as the B-side to “Can’t Speak French.”

And what’s more, the track to get the most attention…

The above list has been ordered by album, chronologically (to match disc 1) but we CAN reveal that the track to receive the MOST votes was The Loving Kind 7” b-side Memory Of You!

Damn straight.

No need to count those dirty sheep: My dreams that glitter have all been realized.

Ten will be released on November 26. (iTunes)

  • Patrick

    Where is control of the knife!!!!! Ugh! Otherwise, pretty great!

  • http://www.facebook.com/erlingurottar Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen

    Those are all great tracks. In my dreams, Nobody But You would have been on there as well …

  • Pez

    Surprisingly strong, they even got Wild Horses! The only changes I’d make would be replacing Black Jacks for Control of the Knife and Whole Lotta History for She.

  • Arte

    Grafitti my soul was originally meant for Britney

  • Luke

    It seems Greatest Hits these days are all terribly screwed up (see J.Lo’s GH cd..), so I’m glad to see that Ten got it right on both discs. Disc One is the best of the best GA singles (with the exception of Stand By You, but I get why its there), and Disc Two is pretty great too. I’ve never heard Crazy Fool tho. I’ll have to youtube it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lalo.delkastillo Lalo del Kastillo

    agree nobody but you should have made the cut!!! also miss you bow wow is missing!!!

  • Tedra

    don’t know why but this strangely reminded me of Melody Thornton’s mixtape I just heard a day or two ago. hmmm? ADD?…maybe it’s a girl group thing…

  • michael

    I agree! but I think ” It’s Y
    our Dynamite” should be on there as well!