This February, Jewel is putting out her first ever greatest hits compilation, called–well, Greatest Hits.

Among the batch of tracks, spanning all the way back to her 1995 debut Pieces of You, are two brand new re-workings of two of her most iconic tracks: One, a duet with the Pistol Annies (“You Were Meant For Me”), and one with the original (and forever and always, the greatest) American Idol: Kelegendary Clarksgod.

LC Cry

“Foolish Games,” as it stands now, already has the power to render an Army drill sergeant into a blubbering mess within roughly 30 seconds flat. But now, with the addition of Clarkson’s legendary instrument–vocal cords that were hand-plucked from the harps of angels, to be exact–the song has become an actual weapon of mass devastation.


In fact, it’s all but physically impossible not to immediately curl up into a ball in the bathtub, turn on the water full blast, and weep mascara tears down the drain for the rest of forever. Kelegend keeps it somewhat toned down so as not to overshadow Jewel’s tender delivery throughout, apart from a few spine-tingling blows toward the end. (“Somebody who gave a damn…!”) And that final chorus duet?

Tobias Funke

God, this is the Clarkson I love. Soulful Clarkson. Thankful Clarkson. Jewel sounds nice too, but, I mean…KELLY.

Anyway, be right back. Got something in my eye.

  • Cheers09

    It would be more wonderful if Kellegend is on the first verse too, but it’s still amazing! This should be a single.

  • Stefano

    This version is unbeatable, but hey – well done Kelly

  • Ryan L Waterman

    This sounds amazing, but I’m really excited that the collection will have the remix of Jupiter instead of the album version!

  • russell

    This is great for Kelly, but this collection is about 10 years too late for Jewel. Unless it features this litte gem as a bonus track/video:

  • Tyler

    That awkward moment when Kelly comes in and steals the song. Love it! Tears for days.

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