Beyonce Lied And Now Her Career Is Over

by Bradley Stern

Beyonce Lied

While Kelly Rowland sat alone inside a White House dressing room steam-drying a House of Dereon gown humming “Kisses Down Low” to herself and Michelle Williams paced in front of an ancient television burping Blue Ivy Carter at a Days Inn just outside Baltimore, President Beyoncé Gisele Knowles performed her rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” to an entire nation of fans, including Michelle and Barack Obama, Kelly Clarkson and Bill Clinton.



Lip-syncing is–apart from murder and buying Twitter followers–one of the most indefensible crimes against humanity. It’s not right, nor is it okay. If you’re going to run your mouth and call yourself a singer, you’re going to perform live. Always and forever. Everybody knows that.


Beyonce is officially a proven liar, Lance Armstrong style–only adding fuel to the already loud rumors that Farrah Franklin was and always will be the true voice of Destiny’s Child, and that Beyonce’s acoustic performance of “Ave Maria” inside a pyramid in Egypt was in fact performed by LeToya Luckett, who was ducking behind a sarcophagus just offscreen at the time.

Beyoncé’s career is over, but that’s fine. Unlike Beyoncé, there are artists out there that are willing to take true risks. And most importantly, they perform live.

Please support actual talent.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsCMaddox Claudio Maddöx

    OMG I literally just died! I hate you for this and by hate I mean it’s genius.

  • Rory Rockmore

    I am devastated.

  • beyonce lover

    that bitch always lip-sync…whore go eat Jay-Z’s dick!

  • Nik


  • UncleFan

    What else would you expect from a woman who gave birth to a couch pillow?

  • darlene

    Seriously dude get a life. Beyonce never said she performed it live. Plus, springsteen lip-synched ’09 super bowl halftime. , jennifer hudson lip-synched it at same game. Whitney Houston lipsynced it at the superbowl. This won’t hurt her career at all. Aren’t you some big lover of Britney Spears? Now thats a non-talent.

  • Quuurl

    I hope her super bowl show will be a mess, i want this bitch to go away.

  • Galli

    Don’t you dare compare Godney and Beyawnce ever again. Go delude yourself she’s singing Flop Spangle Banner, see if I care!

  • Jos

    bitch don’t you ever TRY to come for britney’s wig you ratchet mess, Yes godney uses playback but she never pretended to do otherwise. Go back stanning for this fake ass bitch

  • http://www.facebook.com/kittykat3544 Katie Gustafson

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised by lip-syncing anymore. Even Gaga, who claims repeatedly that she’s singing live, uses a backing vocal track. I could tell several times during both shows I saw last week that the lyrics kept going when her mouth wasn’t open, and once when she was singing behind the speed of the prerecorded vocals. Sure, she sings slong, but the vocals are still obviosuly playing behind her.

  • anon

    Except nobody cares about murder or about live singing or talent. We are only here for chart positions thank you very much.

  • http://twitter.com/charliekelso C. K.

    The funnier part is the comments made by people that don’t get sarcasm.

  • Tyler

    Um, can we discuss how flawless Kelly Clarkson’s live vocals were?

  • Andy.

    The photos KILLED me.

  • theprophetblog

    Hmm you seem to be sarcastically defending her because you’re a Britney stan and she always mimes so you don’t wanna see someone slated for miming.

    Bey even pulled that earpiece our for dramatic effect to try sell that she did it live. And since the bitch walks around like she is the most talented thing on earth, her husband tweeting she is the greatest performer on earth, yet she couldn’t do this live. Really though, I don’t care if she mimed or not. To me this just shows something I’ve always thought about Bey: she is a studio trained monkey who can’t handle any kind of unpredictability. Everything Bey does is rehearsed and scripted in performances, right down to the little giggles and banter on stage. Basically she rocked up to perform for Obama, freaked because she hadn’t prepared for such cold weather and got nervous it might affect her voice, and demanded them to use the pre-recorded track instead of the live. Meanwhile Kelly Clarkson still managed to slay that shit live because she is a REAL singer and not obsessed with being perfect like Bey.

  • DD

    Britney has never in her life sang live. And Godney? Ugh

  • DD

    Monkey? Damn near every singer in music has mimed. Beyonce is still one of the best performers out there. She needed the ear piece to hear the song even if she did lip sync. There was clearly a backing track but it didn’t sound like she lip synced much. Plenty of National Anthems are lip synced live. Hell, Whitney and Mariah have done it. Still her voice and still a damn good rendition.

  • http://twitter.com/teblue Teo

    I just hope Obama don’t let this happen again. Forget gun control and gay marriage, get Bey to pay for what she did to your nation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aaron-Michael-Lopez/526301661 Aaron Michael Lopez

    Let us all remember that even the most memorable Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl was lip sung. This isn’t a new thing and when it is as an important of an event as an inauguration I can understand. That being said I am still disappointed. In Bey and in Whit.

  • Jeff Palmer

    This is satire and sarcasm at its finest.

  • Galli

    Never in her life? Bitch please, feel the anointing of the Holy Spearit all over you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcPPgYj1OHU

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Rosso Carlos Rosso

    Beyonce es inferior a lo que yo cago.

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Rosso Carlos Rosso

    please go fuck yourself!

  • FreakyFlyBri

    Spread the gospel! As devout followers of the Church of Latter Day Spears, we need to spread the good word and join hands in fellowship so that we may pray for the lessors and their delusional followers. These poor souls need salvation!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001134657347 Patrick O’Brien

    Bitch please! Beyonce hadnt rehearsed with the band and everyone knows you have to use a back track at these sort of events.

  • Dan

    There is a new video now showing she didn’t mime, it was just her voice coming back from the speakers.
    I never believed it for a second!

  • Lyon:-)

    its crazy how u buys are venting over nothing.. bitch please Beyonce will bounce back.. and u guys saying she betrayed ur Nation … Nation my ass the only betrayal is that Americans are nuts…. u guys have serious issues on yours hands to worry about.. give the woman a break…:-) even in her worst day she has a better life than u all could ever dream of… have several seats and move on…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luke-Stammen/1431480235 Luke Stammen

    LMAO Church of Latter Day Spears. that makes me seriously happy.

  • freeek

    That was 10 years ago, she has not sung live in a decade. Pretty lame when you consider that she cant even dance anymore. You have no point.

  • freeek

    Britney cant sing and dance, wig snatched, what your gonna do now??
    (And I dont even like Bey, both pretty lame)

  • Galli

    That is seriously blasphemous. I will purify your mind with this passage from the Holy Book: “Shortly before dawn Britney went out to her disciples, and sang. When the disciples saw her singing, they were terrified. “It’s autotune,” they said, and cried out in fear. But Britney immediately said to them: “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Then those who doubted worshiped her, saying, “Truly you are Godney.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVi4xrHH0n4

  • freeek

    LMFAO you really think those 10 seconds are impressive? Her voice cracked and it seems like she lost breath at the end. Again when was the last time she sang an entire song without a backup-track live? Right, like over a decade ago.
    She cant sing and dance anymore, and thats a fact ;-)

    You’re just a crazy fanatic, no wonder nobody takes you seriously, lol

  • Galli

    Hail Godney full of grace,
    The ney is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst women,
    and blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
    for thou hast borne the music of our souls.

  • i love beyonce

    are you kidding me just because she does this once you are going to say that her carer is over. well than just to let you know she did sing it in the studios then played it at the inauguration so she would not hert her voice she is so good you guys are just looking for a reason to ruoen her i look up to her so next time you find someone who has never lip-synced you give me a call.

  • i love beyonce

    you are so mean her baby is gorgeous yours i am not so sure

  • McChesney Simon

    This whole article is a joke.

  • hxtfghjytgfh

    beyonce did not kip sing u just gellous cause u can’t sing like dat

  • britney herself

    yall should die, except for britney

  • Ran Wise

    Seriously Carlos. They didn’t see the video when her tummy folded

  • Sweden

    You idiot she doesn’t talk about baby, she talks about pillow she hold under skirt on tv which flatted during she moved