Daily B: Britney Tops World Charts and Causes Vegas Bidding Wars, Remains Unbothered

by Bradley Stern


It’s been a while since the last Daily B–all I needed was time, a moment that was mine–but I’m here now.

So very much has already happened with Godney in 2013.

First, the sad: B and Jason Trawick officially called off their engagement. And though I did spend the first few days after the announcement curled in a ball listening to “Everytime,” “Out From Under” and “Shadow” on repeat, it seems that–between Jason’s recent sweet tweets and Britney’s smiling face–it was all for the best. So why should we be sad? Heaven knows.

Queen B’s really been going out a lot recently: A coffee run, grabbing a bite to eat at a hotel and even some retail therapy in Thousand Oaks. Outrageous–her shopping spree! (REFERENCE.)

Between the giant sunglasses, unclenched smiles (bye bye, X Factor‘s terrified angel!) and braless bliss behind the wheel of a car (yes, these are really photos from 2013!), it’s looking like a true return to the days of Brit yore. Blackoutney, if you will–sans the pink wigs and frightening nightly car chases.

What’s caused the change? Maybe it’s the Emancipation of Singleney. Or perhaps it’s just because B’s back in the zone, recording her upcoming 2013 studio album–otherwise known as the 8th chapter of the Book of Godney.

Apart from the recent confirmation from a label rep that Hit-Boy‘s on board as a producer for the new album, there’s also some new names vying for a spot on the Holy Spearit’s tracklisting, including pop scribes Antony Preston (“Night Of Your Life”) and Sandy Vee (“Only Girl (In The World)”). Many shall submit. Few shall succeed.

Meanwhile, B’s current song “Scream & Shout,” her collaboration with “music”-maker will.i.am for his no1curr new album, has just topped the World Singles Chart. For clarification, that means that “Scream & Shout” is currently the #1 song in the world. In related news, Britney can now officially open an International House of Wigs with the amount of wigs she just snatched.

Ugh. Oh, and speaking of Mr. i.am, there’s also a sick little rumor going around that the LCD (that’s Lowest Common Denominator) club-pop producer will assume the role of executive producer on Album 8. I won’t even begin to entertain the terrifying thought–so I’ll just entertain via GIF.

Britney X Factor

Finally, as for that rumored stint in Vegas? It’s all one long, tedious $200 million rumor so far. Jordan’s been closely tracking (and/or bringing) the action over at BreatheHeavy, including talk of a headlining Planet Hollywood deal and supposed hotel demands, like live singing. (MERRY CHRISTMAS!) But so far, there’s still no deal in place.

Brit fans are all up and down (and up and down) about the rumors, debating what a Vegas show would actually mean for Britney’s career. I’m personally pro-Vegas (so long as she’s genuinely down with the idea). Besides, having a stationary set means one hell of a live experience: Fireworks, Larry! And a 60-foot waterfall! AND A BRIT BRIT GIFT SHOP! It would be a dream within a dream all over again.

But the living legend simply has no time for any of this noise and kerfuffle. She just rides.



  • http://twitter.com/lordemilius Emilio

    So ready for my queen’s grand return. Brb, gotta practice my bowing skills.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Pick you up in my….Jaguar?!

  • Jo

    Notice how great she looks post-split? She looks so genuinely happy now! And I love that she has the #1 single worldwide (literally) and she can’t be bothered. Others whore themselves out to every media outlet to get a Top 20 hit & the Queen’s all like I cant be bothered lol She’s so flawless, I cant! Congrats on Scream & Shout’s success Britney! cant wait for the 8th album!!

  • Galli

    Britney amazes me. She can be so beautiful and so grotesque, so angelic and so corpulent, so pure and so animal. She is the legend.

  • Galli

    I know, I love how she is so clearly one of the people and yet the biggest star of them all.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaPingley Joshua Pingley

    She can go from looking so ratchet to absolutely gorgeous. This woman is a legend. 2013 will be the year of the Spears.

  • Matt 25

    2013 starts very good for Brit Brit-fans :) Well,.. we get one sad news- B and JT (Not that JT!, just Jason T…) breake up… Even though I think Britney “feel the wind” to do a masterpiece album- with or without Will.i.am help. November 2013 here we come!