• http://twitter.com/ItsCMaddox Claudio Maddöx

    YAY! Now they just need to release flawless pop music and fill the spot that Danity Kane left vacant.

  • http://twitter.com/nicholasruiz nicholas ruiz

    it’s really interesting

  • Chucho Amezcua

    I never understood how Fifth Harmony got to where they are now. They were literally the X Factor leftovers and have no personality at all, they couldn’t even choose their own name. Won’t be listening to them anyway…

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryancitobarajas Bryan Barajas

    Can someone please call Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper please?

  • Tobias

    LOVE the gif. ‘The Holy Spearit’ remains free of flaws. Not really bothered with fifth harmony, boring xfactor fillers imo. But who knows? With the right songs it might work.

  • DiegoZicoB

    I refuse to believe that Britney actually liked Emblem 3 over Fifth Harmony…she usually has such perfect taste. Those boys are cringe worthy. Hopefully Simon doesn’t dedicate majority of his time and resources to those boys and leave the next Spice Girls in the dust.

  • LaurenC

    I’m 16. and a girl. I think they’re nice girls. There’s just something off about them. Surprised they were signed before the actual talent of that show–> Miss Carly Rose, as Britney puts it.

  • Dan

    YES! They should have won for sure. It’s hard to take 5 great singers and mesh them together suddenly without the bond that pre-formed groups had… and I thought they improved as each week went on. Tate was just so predictable and average country – he would have gotten signed if he didn’t win. Same with Carly Rose…she has a big career ahead. I hope they have much success!