Girls’ Generation Makes Major Comeback with “I Got A Boy”

by Bradley Stern

Girls Generation I Got A Boy

It’s been a minute since Girls’ Generation (or SNSD) brought the heat at the end of 2011 with their fantastic global release, “The Boys.” But after a 14 month hiatus (that’s approximately 12 years in K-pop time, by the way), the fabulous nine are now making their grand comeback to the South Korean music scene with a brand new album released on January 1, I Got A Boy.

The return began a few weeks ago with their pre-release single, “Dancing Queen,” a breezy, if not thoroughly random Korean-language cover of Duffy‘s “Mercy.” It was cute enough, though nothing revolutionary.

Enter the official lead single (and title track): “I Got A Boy.”

Crafted by constant collaborator Yoo Young-Jin and Norwegian songwriting team Dsign Music (BoA, Namie Amuro), the manic production plays like roughly ten songs crammed into a single production, cycling through genres and BPMs at breakneck speed–electro-R&B, hip-hop, sugary-sweet synth-pop, rap, Major Lazer-lite dancehall.

Basically, it’s their very own “Bohemian Rhapsody.” (Or their “Biology,” as one reader pointed out.)

Coupled with an equally incredible, mile-a-minute video–the fashion, the dancing, the wigs!–“I Got A Boy” is a complete and utter audio-visual onslaught, full of tight choreography, intricate styling and flashy sets. There’s so much to process at once–and it’s all one super bright, colorful burst of amazing: Street dancing. Leopard print. Orange wigs. Nail painting. Flirty close-ups. SO, SO MANY HATS.

“I Got A Boy” probably won’t click on first play/view (actually, it definitely won’t), but with each listen, the track’s genius becomes increasingly obvious: It’s a majorly forward-thinking, fearless production that bends the rules of pop, and further cements Girls’ Generation’s legacy as one of the most exciting South Korean girl groups of the decade.

If last year was a mostly stale, uninspiring moment in pop, “I Got A Boy” is one hell of a way to start fresh in 2013.

I Got A Boy was released on January 1. (iTunes)

  • alejandrosc5

    Love your article man! Love “I got a boy” You have to see them performing… they’re in fireee!

  • turkeyeae

    Nice article on the queens of kpop.

    I agree that the song is definitely a ‘grower’ and takes 2 listens or so to get the feel of the song once you get over the initial shock of the sudden breaks in the single.

    Also just a slight correction as Girls Generation (SNSD) didnt take a hiatus but just a hiatus from Korea as SNSD has been releasing music in Japan where they are popular.

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  • TheNewAvatar

    Yes the fact that the include catchy chorus, mutliple genres(packed beautifully) in one song and the eye catchy visual elements and dance in the video is the very reason why I got hooked to it… This is my fav. from them so far.

  • Saulo

    Why do I feel like I’m playing a Kirby game from 0:01 to 0:30…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1718760905 Carl Mark Pat

    This is definitely no Bohemian Rhapsody.

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  • http://twitter.com/bcBrunaSouza Call

    welcome hates and see what do your group, can not do kekekeke!!!