Following the formal announcement of their return with Exile in March, brooding UK synthpop duo Hurts have just premiered the lead track from their upcoming collection: “Miracle.” And it’s, well, hmm.

“Miracle” is a much more massive sounding, arena-sized production than what we’ve come to expect from the duo, heavily recalling Coldplay throughout. Actually, it’s almost indistinguishable: “Paradise” and “Princess of China” immediately come to mind–especially with those opening soaring chants. “No love, no light, no end in sight/And I’m looking for a miracle,” frontman Theo cries out during the soldiering, almighty chorus.

Like teaser track “The Road,” it’s much more of a rocky affair, relying on crashing drums and guitars and moving away from the chilly, New Wave-inspired electronica of their debut (which, you know, is what most Hurts fans loved about them…)

An evolution in sound? Certainly. But an improvement? I’m not so sure.

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  • C. K.

    yeah, Wonderful Life is better than anything Coldplay has ever released. I understand why they did this, but I don’t think it’s the best move.

  • Britney

    ehh.. a little to rocky for me, and what’s with the shameless coldplay sample?

  • Keith

    This makes me sad. It’s good and I’m going to buy the album but wish they’d stayed true to their style.

  • David Bodart

    I like it