Nicole Scherzinger’s “Boomerang”: Meditation on Persistence Or Japanese Ghost Story?

by Bradley Stern


Koji Suzuki‘s Birthday is a collection of short stories based on the popular Japanese horror series, Ringu.

One of the stories, “Happy Birthday,” centers around a fictional plane of virtual existence called The Loop, formed by a group of supercomputers that have been programmed to mirror the exact conditions of the real world in order to better understand life on Earth. (Sort of like The Matrix, except Suzuki thought of the idea first.)

In the Loop, as seen in the movie Ringu/The Ring, a virus breaks out after antagonist Sadako defies the laws of science and projects her vengeful spirit onto a VHS tape which, when viewed, causes the viewer to die in 7 days after watching the tape–unless the viewer shows the videotape to someone else. After the media finds out about the cursed tape, the public launches into mass hysteria, frantically duplicating the tape and forcing friends and loved ones to watch it immediately to avoid death.

After a while, the tape’s power mutates and strengthens enough that, if an ovulating woman views the tape, she immediately becomes impregnated with the DNA of Sadako. Soon hundreds of Sadakos are born and run rampant, quickly turning the population into an overcrowded sea of hermaphroditic, self-replicating Sadakos. Society itself begins to break down, and humankind is brought to a hellish end.

Here now is the video for Nicole Scherzinger‘s “Boomerang.”

God help us all.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsCMaddox Claudio Maddöx


  • Fré

    DAMN! Bradley just went the fuck in on Nicole! Are you sure you’re not related to Howard Stern? I LIVE for your epic Xtina AguiLENGEND fan-fic (Even though I’m a die hard Xtina Fan “Little Screamer” lol)… But every Xtina shade fest pales in comparison to this! You DRAGGED Scherzinger – but still in such a hilarious way, loved the journey you take us on before the punch line hits! lol (I’m also HERE FOR EVERY SINGLE Britney/Lana “REFERENCE” *Please do more “REFERENCES” with more artists other than B.

    Nicole’s not that bad! PCD made great music, and Nicole’s #1 UK single “Don’t Hold Your Breath” should’ve been a smash hit in the USA as well!

    Nicole’s career has been downhill since losing the dolls! Would love to see a new PCD troupe with Nicole as lead again – pull a feature with Drake etc & get a hit.

    People just think she’s full of herself & can’t get past her MAXIM image :(

    But with all that said, this is my least fave song/single she’s ever released :( Too generic sounding, her voice is also too scaled back, I love loud whiny shrill voiced shrieking Nicole, lmao.

    THIS VIDEO IS STUNNING though! AMAZING graphics.

    **BTW Bradley…. Nicole was the ONLY person singing live (& sounded great!) when I saw Britney’s CIRCUS tour in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA. Nicole sang live while dancing just as hard as the other (non-singing) dolls.

  • http://twitter.com/teblue Teo

    I think your shade has made a solar eclipse. At least Nicole is persistent, she keeps trying and trying.

  • Carlos Garrow

    Bahahaha half of the video it’s like she’s prancing around the old set of La Roux’s video “Bulletproof.” This song is horrible.

  • http://twitter.com/alexandergold Alex Goldschmidt


  • Tom

    Nicole sucks! This song is horrible!

  • http://twitter.com/KingofMisfits Richard Donavann

    This story #Slayed me… and thinking about it while watching the video cracks me up.

  • http://twitter.com/KingofMisfits Richard Donavann

    LMAO, because Nicole was the only one singing. Nicole Scherzinger = PCD

  • Justin

    Sounds like a Demi Lovato Reject track.

  • SXiPPY

    Elsewhere in the world, former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta closes out 2012 playing multiple gay pride festivals and slays the crowd her new song “Make It Loud”; becomes Gay Icon. Oddly (and unjustly) the whole experience goes unnoticed.

  • Aaron

    I personally think this is one of Nicole’s best songs. I was so excited for it from the very first 5 second preview and I am completely satisfied with the final product. The bridge alone was worth the wait. I love Nicole and I love how motivated and persistent she is.

    I also love the video. I’ve watched it several times and I just think it’s visually entertaining. As a gay man, I’m in love with looking at Nicole. I love watching her dance and I just think she’s gorgeous.

    Whatever. Haters gonna hate as Nicole sits on more money than most of us will ever see.

  • http://jaroventures.com/ jaroro

    i can’t bare not to laugh at your review! :))

  • Calen Crate

    Nicole Scherzinger is the “Fetch” of the music industry. She’s never going to happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaronspencerbyrd Aaron Byrd

    She happened pretty hard in the UK. Just sayin’.