Britney Spears Scream And Shout Remix Video


And so the Godney did tweet on this Monday night:

This Friday on @106andpark – #ScreamAndShoutRemixVideo!! Here’s a tiny taste. Bring The Action!

Above, we have the first glimpse from the video for the objectively terrible “Scream & Shout” remix (but we just go along with it because we took a blood oath many years ago), featuring Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Diddy and Lil Wayne.


Urbanney stands cool yet confident in a custom Adidas jacket, presumably crafted by designer Jeremy Scott. The heaven-sent weave is tied back tight, simplying begging for a Spearitual hair flip (or ten.) As we can see, B-Girl ain’t lost the beat. It seems, in fact, that she’s jumped over drama and landed on her feet.

Let us now hold hands and pray for at least one booty pop, ample twerking–and of course, a signature boobie shuffle.

Friday. 106 & Park. It’s the “Outrageous” video we never really got all over again.



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  • Joanna

    Outrageous-*cries* The video that never was!!! I honestly cant wait for this video to come out! I’m super pumped now!!! Cant wait to see Urbanney!!!!

  • Edgar Chávez

    Bring the Urban!! I’m excited!

  • Galli

    It’s Chavney, Cunt! I’m just teasing. Britney will always be the (Sick!) Princess of Pop.

  • Matt25

    Joanna- my first reaction on that pic was also “Outreagous” the video that never was XD
    It’s the same mood, and urbanish feel…
    Brit’s face looks like from “3” video, hair from “Boys” Remix but that outfit is cool and funky :D
    Love it, love it

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