Sky Ferreira Nick Knight

Sky FerreirOMFG.

Sky Ferreira played muse to Nick Knight for AnOther Magazine—and the results are stunning.

This is one of the most incredible shoots she’s ever done. Or anyone’s ever done. It’s giving me shades of Bert Stern‘s infamous nude shoot with Marilyn Monroe meets Britney‘s Onyx Hotel Tour tourbook and her 2011 V Magazine shoot, which Sky—a notorious B stan—would probably only love to hear. Pure art.

Check out the full set on the Portraits board at ShowStudio’s Pinterest. Trust me: It’s worth signing up.

Sky Ferreira Nick Knight 2Sky Ferreira Nick Knight 3


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  • Ferreira<3

    sky’s just amazing.

  • Drew Novak

    I love Sky, and these pictures are stunning, but my favorite part of the article is the headline. In all caps, it looks like you’re snarking her something hard!

  • Bradley Stern

    HA. Didn’t even think of that. I love it.