Selena Gomez Performs at MTV Movie Awards, Earns Praise From The Holy Spearit

by Bradley Stern


Last night, in the grand tradition of the MTV Movie Awards, we the true lovers of music suffered through about 2-1/2 hours of non-music related award show shenanigans, fat jokes and genitalia gross-out gags aplenty—all to see if anyone could ever possibly surpass the greatness of Lindsay Lohan‘s 2004 MTV Movie Awards performance.

And, for the 9th year in a row, no one did. (Kylie Minogue was in the audience though, so there was that!)

Indeed, there were only two musical performances last night: One by Macklemore (I pass), and the one we were all waiting for: Miss Selegendary Gomezmerizing‘s debut performance of “Come & Get It.”

Before performing, Selegend—a well-known believer in all things Godneyraved about the Spearit’s iconic 2001 VMA performance to MTV, as any loyal follower would:

“My favorite MTV performance for any of the awards would be Britney [Spears’] ‘[I’m a] Slave 4 U,’ ” Gomez said. “I just loved it. I thought it was super-iconic, and she owned that stage. The routine was impeccable. She looked beautiful. It was kind of when she had her transitioning moment, and that definitely inspired me for this one, for sure.”

“Slave 4 U”-inspired? Amazing! Exciting! The Emancipation of Selly!

And then she performed, and it was, y’know…cute.

The whole thing was really more of a “Baby’s First Dance Recital”—or maybe “Toddlers & Tiaras,” which inspired a lot of mixed feelings of pride, intense awkwardness and a weird urge to scream “DRINK YOUR GO-GO JUICE!”

Keeping in line with the heavy Hindu/Bollywood influence of the song, the tiny Lover of Love Songs arrived barefoot to the stage in flowing red mystical garb, and off she went: Some silly floorography, some sort-of belly dancing and a little bit of sultry hip swivels. She’s never really done choreography before…and it wasn’t too bad! She smiled a lot, which was great. And she did sing live! Not that it really sounded good.

“Slave 4 U”-esque? Or anywhere near the same level? Not so much.

But look: Selegend isn’t Selegend because of her iconic choreography or impressive vocal skills. She is Selegend because she’s a cute, happy pop starlet who makes cute, happy pop music—and occasionally stars in sex, drugs & Skrillex-filled romps like Spring Breakers. She is not, eh, how you say…a pop dynamo.

To put it into perspective: Selena Gomez is 20 years old. When Britney Spears was 19 years old, she did this. There are pop stars, and then there are legends.

Regardless! It was a suitable, ‘that’ll do’ performance for a pop star of her quality, and should be given warm golf claps. But don’t take my word for it! Ask…BRITNEY.


Indeed, Queen B herself took time away from recording Blackout 2.0, as well as her part-time position as soccer game sideline cheerleader and shopping partner with…David…to tweet some sweet Spearitual blessings over to Lady Gomez:

Wow @SelenaGomez… “Come & Get It” on the #mtvmovieawards was incredible! One of my favorite songs out there right now! and thank you for all of the kind words about the VMA Slave performance…you’re too sweet! Means a lot to me.

Gomez was last seen rocking furiously in the corner of a green room backstage, clutching a worn limited edition copy of Greatest Hits: My Prerogative in her hands and sobbing the word “unworthy” over and over again.

“Come & Get It” was released on April 7. (iTunes)

  • Ange1Serran0

    So this was a Rihanna song, and she performed it exactly how RiRi would have, not great dancing and singing. But she looks like she’s having fun and I love the song.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaPingley Joshua Pingley

    Her vocals need a lot of work, but everything else was pretty good.

  • http://twitter.com/School_Girl4 School girl

    I loved it, but I’m a stan so lol

  • http://twitter.com/willy2ec Willy

    The whole thing looked like a high school talent show performance.

  • Jason

    She definitely took notes on how to give off sexy side glances by the Queen B herself, but that;s all I really found that was in the least bit Britney-esque. I give her an A for the self-professed inspiration.

  • Mierzwiak

    Dear God, my ears! She can’t sing live.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674868222 Magdalena Szenfeld

    I would rather watch Selena sing live and dance a little than watch Brit Brit dance like a pro but lipsynch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thebLainekelley BLaine Kelley

    i’m pretty sure that you’re the only one =/

  • Blah

    lameeee. and I enjoyed selena’s performance but you don’t know what you’re saying…

  • http://www.facebook.com/thebLainekelley BLaine Kelley

    i don’t get why people are handling this chick with kiddie gloves.

    i mean, i can understand why people treat the robot formerly known as britney spears in such a manner becuz the woman paid her dues before the lobotomy. however gomez hasn’t ever done shit!

    she’ll never be in the league of britney, nor does she even come near the status of hilary duff, LoL.
    the only thing gomez has ever done is take the peen from a prepubescent canadian, that’s it.

    so please stop holding back and just admit she’s talentless. she’s more qualified to be featured in a payless ad than she is to be performing.

  • yayjulian

    love the song. but this was to cheesy and safe. the choreography is childish.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.sjoberg.50 Matthew Sjoberg

    Britney doesn’t Lip-synch she does what is called Lip-synching. Background and filler does come through the Mic but she still sings. She has admitted that and she has said a lot of artist do that and if that is lip-synching than she is guilty of that.

  • Corona

    You noticed since then nothing has come out of the Palace, lol, or I should just say Britney. I really don’t think she would have made that big of deal out of her statement. Well at least Selena got a career boost out of it. Off topic, Her dad is ruining Britney’s good name in the business community lately.