Ciara’s Own Team Accidentally Leaks Her Album, Officially Too Turnt Up

by Bradley Stern


My back is truly aching today.

Following an impressive streak of bad luck — including nagging legal matters and relentless RiRi Illuminati Instagram shade — Ciara‘s album, Ciara (or The Album Formerly Known As One Woman Army), has leaked. Sort of.

Roughly two hours ago, Team CiCi uploaded Ciara via MyPlayDirect on her official store. The album was not listed as available — but the individual tracks were all available to sample and download for $1.29 each.

Therefore, the entire album was made available for at least an hour.

Therefore, Ciara was released an entire month early…by Ciara’s very own team.

The entire album hasn’t quite hit the web yet, apart from “Livin’ It Up” (which we’ve already had for a year, now souped up with a new verse from Nicki Minaj), “Keep On Lookin'” and “Overdose,” the song I’ve been demanding to be released as a single for months (which, as anticipated, is everything and more.) It’s up to the C-Squad to keep this thing on lock now.

Never before has a team flopped quite so hard. The situation’s gone from “Super Turnt Up” to far too turnt.

I just…


  • SC.

    MuuMuse, I really enjoy your posts on Ciara because they are so positive.
    But I hope you realise that this blog post is basically spreading the news of Ciara’s album leaking bit by bit. I would appreciate if you could delete this post so that it doesn’t effect Ciara in a negative way. Thank you.

  • RigoP


  • Teo

    The damage is done.

  • Adam A

    The thirsty ones will find their fix somehow anyways.

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  • Joshua Pingley

    That’s what the bitch gets for never releasing “Overdose” tbh. And let’s be real here, this leaked closer to release than Britney’s “Femme Fatale” did. The album is out July 5th, which is less than 3 weeks away. Not a big deal really.

  • Claudio Maddöx

    This girl can’t get a break.

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  • xxx

    but britney has a solid fanbase…as for ciara – sorry to say it, cause I like her, but as Rihanna’s best friend said – she has a squad