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Grace Jones Is Recording New Music, Nothing Else Matters

by Bradley Stern

Grace Jones


Yesterday (19 hours ago, to be exact!), British producer Ivor Guest created a Tumblr account (#trendy) and posted two photos — one of a bunch of lyric sheets scattered around on a couch, and one of none other than the Almighty, Inimitable Miss Grace Jones herself milling about the studio, undoubtedly barking orders, bellowing opera, staring devilishly into the void and commanding the shirtless, greased up models just off-camera to bow down at her feet.

It’s official: Grace Jones is recording again.

This is huge, huge news. The “Slave To The Rhythm” legend’s last record, 2008’s Hurricane (which was crafted with Ivor Guest). was an almighty force to be reckoned with; as avant-garde and forward-thinking as ever, proving Grace was still in top form ten albums deep into her career. Over the past five years, she’s been hula-hopping and hip-twerking along with the record live on tour. (Her 2009 show at Hammerstein Ballroom remains probably my favorite concert experience of all time.) But now, it seems she’s finally laying down some new material.

UPDATE: Now it’s really official. Ivor Guest just updated his Tumblr with an explanation:

“I’m Ivor Guest. I’m producing Gj’s new album. I also produced Hurricane and made Hurricane Dub. And I’m the Musical Director of GJ’s live band. I thought it would be cool to share some of the process of working on the new material from time to time. I’m a musician, so you’re not gonna get a bunch of fashiony stuff about Grace. I’ll write a bit about how we work, who we’re working with, what technology I’m using, post the odd photo etc. So if that’s your bag, sign up- if not- you should leave now…”

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…

  • Tuyonkah

    Can’t wait. How about a duet with Miss LADY GAGA????