The Comeback Kid: Ciara Slides In At #2 On The Billboard 200 (Also, Win A Copy of ‘Ciara’!)

by Bradley Stern


It’s been a long, arduous journey, C-Squad…but we finally made it.

After seemingly endless body parties, legal struggles and a whole lot of overdosin’, R&B-pop princess Ciara‘s self-titled fifth studio album (and Epic Records debut) Ciara (review), snagged the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 this week.

The #2 position easily out-slays her last effort, 2010’s ill-fated Basic Instinct, which flopped at #44 due to some label promo issues…or lack thereof.

In case you haven’t read it yet (“He reads!”):

Entering at No. 2 this week behind Jay Z is Ciara, with her self-titled fourth album. It starts with 59,000 sold, an improvement over the 37,000 that greeted her last set, 2010’s “Basic Instinct.” Overall, “Ciara” is the singer’s fourth album to reach the top three on the Billboard 200. Her only set to miss the region was “Basic Instinct,” which debuted and peaked at No. 44.

Not only that, but Ciara’s on your radio, too: “Body Party” is riding high on the Billboard Hot 100 at #22 this week, as well as “I’m Out, which currently at #44.

Comebacks like that don’t happen too often in this industry, but we all know CiCi’s always had the goodies to get super turnt up on top of the charts again. No matter who’s trying to shade her on Instagram, those lookin’ ass haters can keep lookin’ on, because The One Woman Army is still soldiering on strong.

And so, to celebrate the release…

MuuMuse is giving away 3 copies of Ciara.

To win a copy of the album, just leave a comment below telling me your favorite track and why.

Winners will be selected and notified via email on Wednesday, July 24. Good luck — I’m out!



    D.U.I – the mellow darkness of the track with ciara’s soft but hitting vocals. It’s something different from what she has ever done and of course the r.kelly reference.

  • King L.

    Overdose ’cause it’s my flawless summer jam and the post-chorus shows no sign of leaving my head anytime soon tbh

  • Willy

    Overdose – It’s the song that stands out from the other songs. The “somebody call the doctor” part is so catchy that you always sing along with it.

  • Nelson Peralta

    Super Turnt Up because it’s all of Ciara’s best (breathy singing, smooth sex music, rough hard chorus, and her rap voice is so effing hot!) in one mega song. It needs a video A.S.A.P. Promise 2.0 for real.

  • Russell

    Livin It Up because its so happy and fun. Makes me ready to dance and get all the more turnt.

  • Daniel

    “Keep On Lookin'” is ratchet, classy, life-giving and mellow at the same time. Ciara in a nutshell.

  • Brittany Selcer

    “Overdose” because it’s a great dance song. It’s easily addicting. I listen to it and halfway through the song I restart it ’cause I don’t want it to be over.

  • Joseph Paige Jr.

    “Super Turnt Up” because CiCi kills the rap verse and sounds just like Ludacris on her old track “Ride”.

  • Mike

    “Backseat love” – her smoothest track, I just luv the sex appeal. There’s a little dub, but mostly just sexy rnb here with that sample

  • Guest

    “Super Turnt Up” is *amazing*

  • Aaron

    Overdose is my favourite because it’s just such a glorious dance anthem that really shows off her brilliant vocal/musical talents.

  • skyler.

    One Night With You is actually brilliant — I love an artist who references other songs of theirs… “Want your body,
    Is my party “

  • daniel

    Body Party because it is a genre defying masterpiece that only Ci could pull out with the right level of conviction and tongue in cheek realness.

  • Stefan

    ”Read My Lips” because this song stands out next to the other songs and it’s the perfect song to use in dance class. I’m already learnin my dancers a choreography based on this song.

  • Tom

    Overdose because it’s so good it should have gone to Britney…

  • Garrison Brantley

    “Super Turnt Up” because CiCi features herself. The song is all kinds of amazing with crunk beat and CiCi’s cooing vocals ;)

  • Joseph Zambrano

    “Overdose” because I don’t have health insurance

  • Tyler Park

    Needless to say “Overdose” is my favorite and the BEST track from the album! I’ve been obsessed with this song since early 2012 and I’ve cried myself to sleep many nights because it wasn’t a lead single. Love the album though. In CiCi’s name we pray.

  • Jose Hernandez

    “Livin It’ Up”, It’s content is pure and full of fun, It’s an exciting way to escape out of the real world for 3 minutes and 46 seconds, unless you have it on replay til the headphones on your ears fall off. It also features Nicki Minaj for a second time and we can’t deny her presence is always welcomed.

  • Nile

    Overdose – Most of the time I listen to it, my eyes are closed and I’m fantasizing about about a Ciara/Britney collab…… The Slayage……My God…..

  • http://coltonhaynes.co.vu/ Eduardo

    ‘Livin It Up’ is giving me life. I don’t see no flaws there, its one of the best tracks on the album, it shows how much Ciara could be better than all those basic hoes on the radio nowadays if given the proper songs and promo.

  • tangor3d

    Overdose — I love the European dance pop influence. Plus, it’s very different than her usual R&B stuff.

  • Bader Al-Munayes

    “Read My Lips” because it reminds me of “How I Roll”.


  • Chad

    Super Turnt Up: it’s sexy and features herself as a more ratchet version of, well, herself. Love my R&B/Pop stars with a little cockiness.

  • Denzel Weaver

    I’m Driving under the influence of your love, DUI is a clever and classic methaphor song

  • Konstantinos

    “Body Party” is my favourite and for me the best song on Ciara! It was the song capable of getting our One Woman Army leader out of the backseat of Hammers around Paris and Atlanta and back at the top of the charts! Its exciting, its unique, its refreshing, its 90s nostalgic(always quaranteeing the slayage), its something that RiRi would want to release as her first single from her upcoming album,like out next month! Queen Janet would approve and the idea of a B Girl feauture gets me super turnt up! Lova you Bradley!;)

  • filius

    The best song is Keep on Lookin’. I cant help but imagine CiCi performing it with hooded priests (sth Madonna-esque). I like the idea of Ciara becoming rnb controversial Madonna !

  • Jakob

    My favorite track is, without a doubt, Overdose. I listened to the album stream on iTunes, and, as someone who only knows two songs from Miss CiCi (1, 2 Step and Love, Sex, Magic) was really impressed with what I was hearing, even though I’m not the biggest R&B fan. Then, track 10 came on, and my face was something similar to :OOOOOO. It’s a fusion of funk, R&B, and synthy pop that I can confidently say I’ve never heard anything like before. This song is easily a Top 5-er if she releases it as a single (should I just say “when”?), and it’s easily my favorite song to come out of any album so far this year. It’s honestly the song that made me a fan.

  • Travis Rodriguez

    My favorite track will have to be ‘overdose’ because it something different and fresh for ciara.And its very upBeat. I hope it will be a future single I see this really well

  • Patrick Gros

    ‘Read my Lips’ is my ultimate favorite track of Ciara’s selftitled album. The track is Ciara at her finest. The vocals on the track are out of this world. It is perfect for the summer and it brings diversity in my music playlist. The lyrics are easy, breezy and light. She sure can read my lips when I’m singing to this song. When this song is on, I always have body parties (Reference) (haha).