Daily B: Album 8 Is “Most Personal Album Ever” According to Britney, World Remains Unprepared

by Bradley Stern


As we sit here alone up in our rooms, thinking ’bout the times that we’ve been though (REFERENCE), The Holy Spearit has just provided us all with a glimmer of hope to get through the day.

A few hours ago, Godney took a moment away from her hourly household scattering of Christmas-scented potpourri to hop on Twitter and announce that Billboard readers chose her upcoming album — which is due out by the end of the year — as the Most Anticipated Event of 2013. OH, RLY? People are excited about new Britney music? In related news, the Smurfs are blue.

But then, she went on to deliver an even holier blessing.


We already know she’s in the studio with William Orbit, and that a Spearitual Ray Of Light is imminent. We know that she’s recorded a song for her boys. (Which boys? It’s anyone’s guess.) We also know that will.i.am has been promising us a personal record ever since the Brit Army/Spears Navy/Godney Air Force began spamming his mentions with demands, death threats and YouTube links to “Unusual You.”

But now that Queen B is calling it personal? Her most personal? Well, it must be true.

The Living Legend is coming for all kinds of wigs, chart records, and maybe even a long overdue Pop Grammy Award with Album 8, tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual (We’re Just Having Lots Of Lunches Right Now). Bye 21! What’s a Red, even?

Personalney. Rawney. Intimateney. Bring on the MTV Unplugged sessions.


  • Joanna ☂

    I want to believe but RCA… we all know FF ended up being nothing like Britney had originally planned and I’m not sure this won’t happen to this album too.

  • 8RIT

    Hopefully she will write a song about what happened! Anyways, I don’t think that will happen since will.i.am. is producing the album and they are having lunches and she doesn’t talk about him like he was forced on her like Dr.Luke…


  • Joanna ☂

    Bras are awful things, so swing free britney.

    Yeah but she’s always had problems with her label fucking with her track list she’s worked with producers and written songs she’s wanted to do several times before only to be shut down by her label in the end.

  • Kester

    Lol, nobody cares anout deadney

  • 8RIT

    Lol, Britney should just walk topless.

    hopefully her label will consider the fact that femme fatale didn’t sell all that well and that fans and critics were very vocal about how the album seemed to lack involvement from her. And as Bradley pointed out, the fan base has been tweeting non stop to the writers and producers about what we want and don’t want(another femme fatale). I mean Dr.Luke got so dragged on Twitter he had to be defended by album 8 writer Jean Baptiste. They don’t call us the army for nothing. We are making ourselves very clear to RCA if they want our money…

  • Queen of popney

    You must be a flop thiefonce stan, you will deal

  • Queen of popney

    So excited!!!!! All them basic bitches out there better hold on to their weaves cuz queen britney is coming at ya!!

    2013-14 year of the spears!!!

  • ScoHay

    Britney 2.0!
    I can wait for Blackout 2.0, but Britney 2.0 now!

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Rosso Carlos Rosso

    Oh my Goshney. So excited, I can’t wait.

  • JJ

    YES YES YES!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! Don’t wanna wait I want it now!!

  • Blah

    She’s giving us that “Wild At Heart” realness.

  • Galli

    Kentwood is the new Bethlehem.

  • Blah

    lol almost sounds as if you’re threatening RCA

  • Fantasy

    im super excited britney is queen

  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian

    You and Britney were born to make me happy tho.

  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian


    (Perfectly okay to be confused with GAY AS FUCK.)

  • Shrug Life

    … but what about the Jean Marines?