Natalia Kills Reveals Cover Art for ‘Trouble’

by Bradley Stern


After releasing the video for her soul-bearing anthem “Saturday Night,” as well as her gritty rallying cry dedicated to the fucks-free (“Problem”), Cherrytree Records’ resident bad bitch Natalia Kills has just unveiled the cover for her upcoming sophomore effort, Trouble.

The album art’s a melange of glam goodies and bad girl miscellanea — champagne, cop cars, watches, handcuffs, lipstick, lies, tears, tragedy — all the themes that the dark-pop diva herself references throughout her music. And of course, there’s Natalia herself, looking fashionably chic front and center in Prabal Gurung.

It’s a perfection representation of the current era. You ready to get into some trouble with Natalia?

Trouble will be released on September 3. (iTunes)

  • Captain Calamity

    Soooo, Prabal Gurung is GORGEOUS…thanks for the introduction, Mr. Stern ;)

    Album cover is…fine. As long as the songs meet expectations set by “Problem” and “Saturday Night,” I don’t care what she puts on it!

  • Tayy

    I really like this cover. It looks nothing like the flawless Perfectionist cover, which shows her growth as an artist. It’s very much like a tunblr collage, which I feel has inspired the visually to date, like the video for Problem. Plus she looks fantastic and I’m just happy she is actually getting to release the album because the material has been brilliant and I can’t wait to see what else Trouble has in store.