Selena Gomez, “Sad Serenade”: The Best Song You’ll Never Hear on ‘Stars Dance’

by Bradley Stern


Princess Selegendary Gomezmerizing might be best known for her euphoric bouts of glittering dance-pop like “Naturally,” “Slow Down” and “Love You Like A Love Song,” but tonight, she’s got a different tale to tell.

To be fair, Selegend’s had her fair share of rocky, angst-ridden hits in the past, from Kiss & Tell‘s “Stop & Erase” to A Year Without Rain‘s “Sick Of You” to When The Sun Goes Down‘s “My Dilemma.” But now that she’s ditched The Scene and gone strictly synth-y, Selena’s birthed her very first bout of heartbreak on the dance floor.

That’s right — Selena’s having a Robyn moment.

“Sad Serenade” is a painful synth-pop ode to a relationship that’s come to an end, and also the first time Selena’s displayed any sort of vulnerability during the Stars Dance era, apart from the leaked “Love Will Remember.” “A sad, sad serenade…we almost got it right!” Selena cries out above the surging club beats.

It’s a gorgeously heartbreaking tune, with the kind of lyrics that leave a lasting sting: “I wish you the best, I really do / Even though I know that I’m still not over you / I know that we both are to blame / I can’t believe you didn’t fight harder for me,” she yelps. Gulp! (Also, this would probably sound equally amazing arranged as a piano ballad.)

“Sad Serenade” might just be the best song from the entire Stars Dance campaign so far — so naturally, it’s not making it onto the album. Wait, WHAT?!

Indeed: Whether Selena just wanted to keep the record upbeat, or things with Justin Bieber are just way too real right now (or perhaps the line “all the love that we made” is just too risque), it’s not on the final album tracklisting — making this sad, sad serenade all the more devastating.

Luckily, the song lives on. So turn it up tonight, the most beautiful song ever heard…


Stars Dance will be released on July 23. (iTunes)

  • http://davidsask.wordpress.com/ DavidSask

    It will probably be a store franchise bonus track cut!

  • http://www.muumuse.com Bradley Stern

    Let’s hope!

  • OsO

    Princess of pop, SHITTING on demi.

  • http://www.arcadey.net/ Jacques

    Terrible. Really disappointed with her music this era. I liked her old songs better, like the edgy “Love You Like a Love Song” and “Bang Bang Bang,” catchy smash “Round & Round,” the uber-cheap “A Year Without Rain,” and flawless “Naturally” of course. The new stuff is really generic and sterile. The Rihanna song she has is pretty good though, but hate this and that other one, “Slow Down” or whatever it’s called.

  • Hoodpop

    It’s so weird seeing you comment on someone else blog lol