Katy Perry Is A Champion, Hear Her “Roar” in Latest Video Teaser

by Bradley Stern


The timed piece-by-piece reveal of Katy Perry‘s Prism campaign remains on point.

After unveiling the Lisa Frank-tastic artwork for her lead single yesterday, Miss Perry has come confidently strolling into the recording studio to lay down the vocals for her rock-tinged new track in the latest “Roar” video teaser — wearing the tiger-emblazoned jacket featured on the single cover, of course.

And now, we’ve got a first taste of the song’s lyrics.

“‘Cause I am a champion, you’re going to hear me roar.”

The brief clip sounds like it’s been pulled from a massive final chorus, followed by those immediately catchy “Ooh-oh-oh!fun.-like chants revealed a few days ago. It’s too early to tell, but it sounds like we’re getting a massive self-empowerment anthem — like a less whipped cream-coated “Firework.”

So far, so good.

“Roar” will be released on August 12. (iTunes)

  • jas

    It sounds good! Can’t wait till monday to hear it!

  • l3viner95

    wow it sounds really good. It’s definitely gonna slay.

  • http://www.billboard.com/ Music=Epicness

    Gosh Katy, I’m getting more and more excited.

  • ydeavila

    Katy Katy well done

  • LoveTheWayILie

    Just how excited? *evil grin*

  • http://www.billboard.com/ Music=Epicness


  • LoveTheWayILie


  • http://www.billboard.com/ Music=Epicness

    I’m so ready <3

  • LoveTheWayILie

    For what? :O

  • http://www.billboard.com/ Music=Epicness

    Katy of course

  • LoveTheWayILie

    You mean ready for Katy to be slayed by Godga?

  • Lady Xerox

    *sits and spins on your excitement*

  • dominic halsey

    i can’t wait for Monday

  • Lady Xerox

    This new era rollout is absolutely, positively flawless. Strong, definitive imagery. Consistent theme. Desperation-free. Kudos, Miss Katy!

  • Richard Marsh

    AHHHH YESSSS. So excited! For the 19th! >>

  • http://musicpopdomination.tumblr.com/post/57662983636 ezra.jones

    Did you see her shitty MS paint single art? She must be on a budget.

  • Blackout (Jay Z fan)

    It sounds like a “Fun” (the band) song.
    Considering Monsters are mostly dumb and they call anything predictable even though they can’t predict shit. I’ll just post my prediction
    The song is about tigers and it’s inspirational. It’s influenced by “eye of the tiger”. She might even mention it.
    The song will have a lot of guitar riffs in it probably and will sound more organic than California Gurls or Teenage Dream. If I’m wrong, I’ll sacrifice myself to Nadirah’s altar <3

  • http://musicpopdomination.tumblr.com/post/57662983636 ezra.jones

    It’s about as generic as a Warrior throwaway Japanese bonus track.

  • http://musicpopdomination.tumblr.com/post/57662983636 ezra.jones

    How predictable. Isn’t this song already on The Complete Infection? Oh wait that was Part of Me.

  • Blackout (Jay Z fan)

    It is generic, but it’s very catchy.
    Applause will be catchy too, have you seen the lyics? Lmao + it’s produced by Zedd.

    By the way Warrior was released in Japan? I never knew people outside the US actually cared about Kesha since the animal era <3

  • Julio Ivan Acosta-Nieto

    Round of applause for miss perry

  • http://musicpopdomination.tumblr.com/post/57662983636 ezra.jones

    It sounds like a slickly produced Belly Clarkson single tbh and I’m way too many levels above that kind of mess <3

  • Blackout (Jay Z fan)

    The song sounds like a Fun song, not a belly one <3 You're mistaking it with Part Of Me.

    Ps: The prism truck had an accident lmao.

  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian

    are KT and riri still bffs?

  • Felipe Romero

    a monster corrected me yesterday… apparently it’s produced by DJ White Shadow, not by Zedd

  • LoveTheWayILie

    *points and laughs at your humiliation*

  • Blackout (Jay Z fan)

    Well then RIP Gaga’s career.

  • http://www.facebook.com/WillemHG Will

    why is it whenever she goes for “deep” or “sexy” she looks like a lobotomized version of herself taking a dump?

  • Galli

    This is the real Katy – scrappy & petulant – one of the boys really. The Teenage Dream Katy didn’t seem like a natural fit. That kind of seductive alluring persona is best left to Britney Spears who has a true genius for it.

  • jfnryan

    I’m impressed, I just listened to the track and your prediction pretty much nailed it. “I’ve got the eye of the tiger” is the first line of the chorus, and another line states that she will roar “louder than a tiger.” Way to go, you!

  • Blackout (Jay Z fan)

    Lol I forgot about my prediction, it is on point. Thanks!