Don’t Be A Drag, Just Be A Goose: The Many Looks of Lady Gaga in “Applause”

by Bradley Stern


When she’s not engaging in bloody cyber-battles with fading celebrity bloggers on Twitter (and then subsequently deleting the evidence like it never happened), pop superstar Lady Gaga also enjoys shooting music videos for her songs. (#StopTheDramaStartTheMusic)

“Applause” leaked a week early (accidental or otherwise, you be the judge!) — but the video has arrived right on time.

If you ask Lady Gaga on Twitter, the Inez & Vinoodh-directed “Applause” video “travels from black and white, to primary colors to a more cosmic color explosion. Telling a story from beginning to end!” But if you ask me, A LOWLY MUSIC BLOGGER, the video’s less about a specific narrative and more about a series of artsy vignettes that represent Gaga as The Entertainer.

While there’s certainly a whole lot of #ART and some #POP happening, there’s also a lot of excellent dancing — and frankly, I wish we saw the routine even more! The fierce moves suggest that Gaga — like a disco stick-toting phoenix who recently underwent critical hip surgery — has re-risen and is back in action. BUT WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING? I AM NOT A TRUE SCHOLAR OF MUSIC.

One thing’s for sure: “Applause” is very Lady Gaga.

Luckily, VEVO’s gone ahead and GIF-ed the entire Reverse Warholian Experience for us fellow non-scholars to comprehend, which helps to showcase all of Gaga’s looks (“lewks”) to encourage us all and command OUR APPLAUSE. (REFERENCE.)

Naturally, Gaga is also SHAMELESSLY RIPPING OFF some of our favorite artists in the process, including…


Miley Cyrus as Mileybird Unchained in “Can’t Be Tamed: One Too Many Bangerz”


Madonna in “Human Nature: Illuminati Edition”


Venus in “The Birth of Venus: Put Your Paws Up, Botticelli”


Natalie Portman in “Black Swan 2: Good Fucking Luck Sleeping Tonight”


Lady Gaga in “Applause” (META OVERLOAD)

And there you have it: #ARTPOP. (PS: Can someone take this girl to a proper ASL class?)



“Applause” was released on August 12. (iTunes)

  • Alex Bell

    Sweet Lady Gaga, I’m such a mix of emotions.

    The song’s grown on me something fierce, but this hot mess… I love the dancing and the look where she’s holding the long white parachute-cape, but my gosh when that fire-breathing swan came on the screen, I lost it. It’s like Goldfrapp (circa Supernature/Head First) suddenly got a stupidly high budget and decided to spend every single peny of it on a random ass video.

  • FND

    The scene with the airy blankety fabric is very Legendtina in Fighter. Tho Xtina’s version is in black.

  • Stephanie Karten

    This video is so disconnected from the song to me. Chorus has grown on me however.

  • Britney Lover

    Love the new look of the web Bradley!!! As for Gaga, I’ve enjoyed this era so far. The song is great, the vid is great (no long pretentious intro!). Bring on the VMA performance!!!

  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian

    i actually like the video. And the choreography was good.

  • David Carlotta

    I like it. Not sure everyone will understand exactly the point she is trying to convey though. The various guises in the video represent the bondage and destruction of fame to the artist. I would have liked to see more of the dancing and more of her natural looks. I feel that Gaga looking natural is where she looks her best. No matter if you like or hate Gaga, what can’t be denied is that no other artist since Madonna has ever been so creative and effective in their work, whether it be the “art” or the “pop” in music.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luke-Stammen/1431480235 Luke Stammen

    as an EXTREMELY loyal fan of lady gaga, this was fucking hilarious!!!! xD

  • Teo

    The video was good. The choreography wasn’t that great.

  • Manol Ivanov

    interesting visions , new wave :)

  • Love Revolution

    I am a fan of Lady Gaga but I am beginning to think Gaga is now a victim of her own hype. Bad Romance was absolute genius. In fact, I think it is ranked up there with Michael Jackson’s thriller as one of the best music videos of all time. It was good because it was new and fresh and futuristic, it seemed like Gaga tried but without trying too hard. Now, it seems Gaga is trying to surpass the success of that video and it comes off too much at times. This video is good but it seems some of the looks are just too clownish and bizarre for their own good. She looks stunning as the mermaid and the black suit where she is completely natural, the video is stunning production and cinematography wise but some of the things such as the swan and the cage just comes off too try hard. I think she can bounce back and am hoping she will.

  • http://blog.shanparker.com shanparker

    I like the video better than the song.

  • Galli

    If Gaga has already peaked, Stefani can always dump Gaga and become something else. It’s possible. However deep Stefani believes she has gotten with this persona, she is not obliged to represent her forever, whatever she may think. My advice to Stefani is get out of the Gaga business now and create a new character.

  • Galli

    Stefani needs to feel the anointing of the Holy Spearit and become a backup dancer. I was very impressed with her moves in this video and do believe she would be happiest on the road with Godney. Thoughts? Time to burn down the Haus of Gaga and get a one way bus ticket to Kentwood.

  • buylotusonitunes

    Am I the only one who thinks she looked absolutely gorgeous as Venus with the long blonde weave?

  • Julio Ivan Acosta-Nieto

    hmmmm what do I know but if things keep going like they are going, you will have to add another section in between your Legendtina and Twiter Menu options……

  • Boris Reimao

    the black swan imagery is fairly easy to understand and I think it’s Lady Gaga’s biggest statement in the Applause video. It’s not just some random budget extravaganza. She is referring to her being an ugly duckling in the world of pop music because of her different approach. Hence the black bird. But she chose the swan because she believes she is magnificent in all this darkness. She wants to be a thing of beauty by her own standards. People see her as a creature, and wether they understand her or not, she is a thing of wonder. That’s why she is a “black” “swan” in the video. Lady Gaga doesn’t do random people ;)

  • Fantasy

    dont like the video

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Rosso Carlos Rosso

    not her best.

  • Alvin Alee Lee

    I’m gonna get Nightmares tonight after watching this…