Lady Gaga’s “Burqa” (Or “Burka” Or “Aura”) ‘ARTPOP’ Demo Has Arrived

by Bradley Stern


A demo of a song called “Burqa” (or “Burka” or “Aura”) from Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP leaked last night.

Upon initial listening, I called it “an EDM-leaning ‘Judas’ as sung through a Speak ‘N’ Spell.” It’s got noisy verses, an incredible chorus and nonsense, vaguely controversy-baiting lyrics. However, I realize that this is just a demo (and also that it sounds more like “Americano” in retrospect), so any sort of hair-trigger analysis is unfair considering the demo of “Bad Romance” sounded pretty terrible, and then the real version became one of the best pop songs of the decade.

So, there’s that.

This is “Burqa”/”Burka”/”Aura,” a potentially amazing, potentially terrible song from ARTPOP.

#Love. #Sex. #Art. #Pop.

“Applause” will be released on August 19. (iTunes)

  • Blah

    I don’t want to like this but i do. I hate myself so much for slightly liking this. I’m an IDIOT.

  • KatPurry#1

    HORRIBLE!!!! I can’t even…I mean it’s just all over the place. I don’t like it at all, it just sounds like a left over of Born This Way, eek. Not impressed. #BuyRoarAug12

  • Teo

    It has some potential stuff in the mix but other parts are really weak, I would call it a “brainstorming song”, a lot of ideas that aren’t meant to be together or don’t have the right mix. It has an insteresting production at least.

  • deguananonli

    at first she sounds like madonna live!!!!

  • Love Revolution

    I like it

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  • Jen

    I enjoy the part where she says Do you wanna see naked. The chorus is beautiful. but other than, its awful!!!!!!! The music is terrible, annoying and such, DONT LET ME DOWN GAGA

  • Alex Bell

    I always get nervous when I see your Gaga articles as a Gaga fan, I never know what to expect. Especialy as your draggings are usualy flawless.

    I’m a bit of a reverse. I like the noisy verses but the chorus is a bit *cringe* for me. Will look forward to hearing a final, polished version though, when it hopefully feels like a single song rather than several cut apart and sewn together rather garishly. Still, ARTPOP’s seemingly going in a good direction!

  • kom’ron

    The progression is magical, thanks to Zedd (?). Prog-Pop.. Yes please, but this really is a bit of mess.. I really want to love this era so HOPEFULLY the studio version slays.. anyway, not like it’s the lead single.

  • Katie Whitmer

    the first part is awful but it pulls together halfway through to the end. obviously very rough, and trying to get some odd pieces to gel. Next.

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  • Mierzwiak

    Government Hooker + Judas = Aura.

    It’s weird (the beginning is just… what the hell?), aggressive and catchy as hell. I love it! Well, at least from 01:12 to the very end.

    “Do you wanna see me naked, lover”? Now that’s a HOOK.

  • Littlemonster

    For real, everyone dissing it… This is a DEMO… That means it isn’t finished. It may sound nothing like this. I personally think its fantastic the way it is. I love it, but this is a rough copy, an OLD demo.

  • Tyler Phillips

    I’m not a Gaga fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m really into this! It sounds like Judas done right, and the production is pretty fucking amazing. The lyrics are ridiculous though, and it does feel like she’s reaching too far for controversy wherever she can get it. I was hoping for this era to have its own identity sound-wise, but this could have easily fit onto BTW, which is disappointing.

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  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian

    ugh. hate that i already like it.

  • Really.

    How impartial.

  • Joshua Pingley

    The main consensus of “Aura” is that it’s too sloppy for the first half, and somehow becomes pretty solid the second half. I’m not much of a Gaga fan anymore, but I kind of like it… It’s too similar to “Judas” and “Government Hooker” though.

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