Listen to Katy Perry’s New ‘Prism’ Single, “Unconditionally”

by Bradley Stern


Katy Perry‘s Prism is currently refracting all over the Internet.

But there’s one song that needs to be discussed in particular at the moment: “Unconditionally.”

Back in September, Katy named “Unconditionally” as the second single from the Prism campaign, as well as her favorite song from the album. Fair enough: It’s a really pretty song, and one of the standouts from the playback party.

The track — which was co-produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut and co-penned by the duo, as well as Max Martin and Miss Perry herself — is nothing short of a powerhouse pop production. Paced by a woodblock beat and thundering drums in the distance, the mega-ballad sees Katy diving headfirst into love without any conditions in one massive gush of emotion.

“Unconditional, unconditionally! I will love you unconditionally!” she pledges.

Seriously, zero conditions. Unconditional. Unconditionally unconditional. Free of conditions. Condition-free. If you have conditions, she doesn’t. Why? Because she will love you unconditionally.

Sure, the song isn’t entirely the most lyrically astounding piece of pop to hit the airwaves, nor is it innovative or particularly interesting, but it is melodic. (Max Martin’s involved. Who’s surprised?) It’s also the perfect theme song for a Nicholas Sparks movie. At times, it even plays like an uplifting church hymn. (Side note: Is Prism actually an undercover Christian inspirational record? Discuss.)

Between “Roar” and “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air,” I stand by my original assessment that Prism is an entirely mixed bag.

Now, then — let’s get this song on iTunes and VEVO, Capitol Records. The Internet waits for no one.

(Audio via JosepVinaixa)

Prism will be released on October 22. (iTunes)

  • http://blog.shanparker.com shanparker

    MEH. Maybe a grower.

  • lonely

    kind of boring to be honest… like you said he song isn’t entirely the most lyrically astounding piece of pop.

  • gc

    “Legendary Lovers””Birthday” “This is how We Do” have leaked as well

  • nick perles

    Interesting (joke?) comment about this album having religious undertones. There seems to be a larger-than-us theme to the songs.

  • disqus_vyaV4PPB4j

    This album is so much more cohesive than everyone made it sound. I think it just comes off as a mixed bag because of the songs we’ve heard so far but when listening to it from start to finish it’s fantastic and clear what she wanted this album to be.

  • http://plakatyfilmowe.blogspot.com/ Mierzwiak

    Sounds like Kesha’s song. And SHE sounds like Kesha here. And, from what I’ve heard, based on iTunes snippets, that’s not the only Kesha rip off (?) on the album.


    …But then again, Teenage Dream (what was Who Am I Living For?) was never really a cohesive album. Nor was One Of the Boys. Katy just dabbles in things puts them down and picks them up again, just playing with them in a different way.

  • Edgar Chávez

    Mmm I don’t know I thaught Roar was Meh! Walking on air gives me hope for the album though!

  • bluesatellite

    I completely agree

  • Liam Healy

    Not a fan of saying songs sound like songs but it is VERY Youth (Foxes). Although, I’m sure somebody can tell me 1,000 songs Youth sounds like. <–Cancels out own statement. Null. Void.

  • lolitastine


  • shorty345678

    0:04 in unconditionally music video (not lyric video). no way that’s a coincidence. definitely a lot of biblical symbolism in that video