Lady Gaga Teases Snippet of ‘ARTPOP’ Title Track

by Bradley Stern

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]nother day, another ART to POP from Madame MANiCURE herself, Miss Lady Gaga.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Sister Swine gave us all her endlessly replayable ode to consensual lovin’ “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly),” and she’s already unveiled another taste of ARTPOP during her Little Monster radio show (#radioARTPOP) tonight — the all-important title track from the upcoming record.

We’ve already heard “ARTPOP” in full at the iTunes Festival, so there’s nothing quite new here, per se — just a sample of the song in pristine studio quality. Of particular note? The slick, gorgeous delivery of the vocals. That Gagaloo coo is quite pleasant to the ear. (No ear condoms needed, Mr. Judas!)

The beat on the studio version of the track smoothes out more delicately across the speakers, reminiscent of the monotonous electro-strut of Selena Gomez‘s “Love You Like A Love Song” and perhaps a touch of Moby with those celestial strings. It’s all very new and fresh and exciting — the very essence of ARTPOP.

Her ARTPOP could mean anything! In this case, it means a continuous stream of solid, forward-thinking pop music.

ARTPOP will be released on November 11. (iTunes)

  • Julio Ivan Acosta-Nieto



    This song is actually great!! Reminds me a lot of Madonna, but in “A Good Way” not a “Born This Way”. I def don’t like Gaga but I will be playing this.

  • MikeyPop

    The only thing wrong with the snippet is the lack of the intro (“Free my mind, ARTPOP, you make my heart stop”), which I’m praying will end up on the final album version.

  • http://plakatyfilmowe.blogspot.com/ Mierzwiak

    Maybe it’s gonna be somewhere in the middle, she said some parts of the songs @iTunes Festival were moved.

    For many reasons this is my favorite track from ARTPOP at this moment, and that feeling is even stronger after hearing the snippet. AMAZING.

  • TJ

    seriously, this is crap. not as bad as the r Kelly song, but still crap nonetheless. she’s proven that she’s got nothing new or inventive to bring to the table. buhbye gaga. (Kinda sounds a little too much like “control” by beyonce too)

  • Jonathan

    So far this and “Sex Dreams” are my favorites. I prefer this new smooth and mellow gaga to the jarring and in-your-face Gaga that has been with us for the last couple of years. I have to admit, I have to force myself not to listen to the lyrics to closely otherwise it ruins the magic for me :P

  • Joshua Pingley

    Me likey! Now I wanna hear MANiCURE.