Simon Curtis, ‘WWW’ (Album Premiere)

by Bradley Stern


It’s time to dance. After the release of his 2010 debut 8Bit Heart, followed by R∆ in 2011, Boy Robot Simon Curtis has returned this year with a brand new collection of dance-pop tunes called WWW — and it’s entirely free. WWW isn’t a traditional studio album, however — it’s a set of previously unreleased tracks, all of which were recorded over the past two years since the release of R∆. Simon’s currently putting in work (bitch) on his upcoming still-to-be-announced project, so while you wait for that, have a listen to this to tide you over. Grab WWW below, plus 3 alternate covers to make your iTunes library shine bright like diamonds on the dance floor.

1. Heart In 2 2. Neon Lights 3. Diamonds On The Dancefloor 4. Meteor 5. Berlin Wall 6. Fight For Your Life 7. Satellite 8. Do I Have To Dance

You ready to get down to the robot sound?

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  • Heitor Neves

    I’m working, only God knows when I will be able to download it. Can’t wait

  • Heitor Neves

    Love the first cover. It’s like the album cover after coming out hahha. Love it

  • Joshua

    Yasssssss, this is gonna get me through Monday!

  • Rachelle

    Brilliant…perfect cure for my cold ‘Doctor’ Curtis

  • Ron

    Loving it! Work it Simon!

  • MusicalDisarray

    Fantastic work Simon!! :)

  • Igor Rhamon

    Loved all…

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac


  • houseofimmite

    It saddens me to say this, but this doesn’t reach the quality of 8Bit Heart or RA. The previous releases had character. This is just generic dance/pop that could literally be anyone. Too bad, because I was more excited about this than any other major label release. Simon is capable of doing a whole lot better, which is why I’m hoping for a much better next release.

  • Aryana

    I love you <3 I would even die for you! You're so freaking amazing *-*

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  • Sandi Bosio Shader

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this music Simon!!! Thank you SO much!!!

  • Drew Novak

    That tee… -_-

  • Keith Dinnematin

    Home from work, and now I can finally download this! Love from South Africa :D

  • Lod

    I really loved most the songs on the album, although I have to agree it doesn’t reach the quality of 8Bit or R△. I’d like to see the official lyrics for the songs, though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/BlueHuMac BlueHuMac

    Favorites: Berlin Wall, Diamonds On The Dancefloor and Meteor.

  • Ray Chu

    These songs are a bunch of B-Sides so it’s OK they aren’t up there with 8Bit or RA. Just glad he’s back and I got some new tunes for the gym. Diamonds On The Dancefloor though <3

  • chib

    love this so much<3

  • Julien Ossola


  • JP

    I feel like this is when releasing an album of unreleased tracks is sometimes not the best idea. The tracks are a little bit underwhelming and, to me, lack some of what make 8Bit Heart and RA uniquely Simon and really, really good. I feel like some of the tracks are overproduced, too. They aren’t BAD, just…not as amazing as I was hoping for. Probably because they’re unreleased tracks. I’m really excited for Simon’s upcoming album though (of newer songs).

  • Chriss

    It’s Great!

    Long time waiting for new material is great, as always;)

  • Luke

    It’s just a free 8 previously recorded songs. Don’t throw in your Simon Curtis flag just yet :) I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Taylor Maciel

    Neon Lights <3

  • Dick Johnson

    Not his same producer I don’t think either. Stick with the sound we love.

  • nick

    he also said they were all written for other artists so that explains this.

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  • houseofimmite

    Haha don’t worry. I don’t give up on artist based on one piece of work. If that’s the case, I’d give up on the whole music industry.

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  • Alexandre Yamashita

    ohh baby, congratz!!!
    incredible!!! love it

  • Glória Conde

    It’s amazing and addictive, can’t stop listening to the whol album…had on repeat since I downloaded!! It’s frakin’ awesome Simon, thanks for sharing your talent & your songs with us , I love you <3333

  • little3all

    that‘s great

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  • 11:11

    these are all unrelease tracks they were never ment to be offical

  • 11:11

    it was taken on National coming out day, but he is gay

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  • Rafael Nascimento

    Im from Brazil and heard his last two albuns. OMG, what a pop production. Great. Easy to see that he has strong chances to became a global superstar. But not with this songs from WWW. The musics are good, but doesn’t reach the quality of 8Bit Heart or RA. The two previous albuns are INSANE ditry and full of personality. Wish all luck to him…

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  • alekuper

    how do i download it?

  • Cancerebro

    You don’t. It’s gone.