It’s time to dance. After the release of his 2010 debut 8Bit Heart, followed by R∆ in 2011, Boy Robot Simon Curtis has returned this year with a brand new collection of dance-pop tunes called WWW — and it’s entirely free. WWW isn’t a traditional studio album, however — it’s a set of previously unreleased tracks, all of which were recorded over the past two years since the release of R∆. Simon’s currently putting in work (bitch) on his upcoming still-to-be-announced project, so while you wait for that, have a listen to this to tide you over. Grab WWW below, plus 3 alternate covers to make your iTunes library shine bright like diamonds on the dance floor.

1. Heart In 2 2. Neon Lights 3. Diamonds On The Dancefloor 4. Meteor 5. Berlin Wall 6. Fight For Your Life 7. Satellite 8. Do I Have To Dance

You ready to get down to the robot sound?

Download ‘WWW’

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  • Heitor Neves

    I’m working, only God knows when I will be able to download it. Can’t wait

  • Heitor Neves

    Love the first cover. It’s like the album cover after coming out hahha. Love it

  • Joshua

    Yasssssss, this is gonna get me through Monday!

  • Rachelle

    Brilliant…perfect cure for my cold ‘Doctor’ Curtis

  • Ron

    Loving it! Work it Simon!

  • MusicalDisarray

    Fantastic work Simon!! :)

  • Igor Rhamon

    Loved all…

  • BlueHuMac


  • houseofimmite

    It saddens me to say this, but this doesn’t reach the quality of 8Bit Heart or RA. The previous releases had character. This is just generic dance/pop that could literally be anyone. Too bad, because I was more excited about this than any other major label release. Simon is capable of doing a whole lot better, which is why I’m hoping for a much better next release.

  • Aryana

    I love you <3 I would even die for you! You're so freaking amazing *-*

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  • Sandi Bosio Shader

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this music Simon!!! Thank you SO much!!!

  • Drew Novak

    That tee… -_-

  • Keith Dinnematin

    Home from work, and now I can finally download this! Love from South Africa :D

  • Lod

    I really loved most the songs on the album, although I have to agree it doesn’t reach the quality of 8Bit or R△. I’d like to see the official lyrics for the songs, though.

  • BlueHuMac

    Favorites: Berlin Wall, Diamonds On The Dancefloor and Meteor.

  • Ray Chu

    These songs are a bunch of B-Sides so it’s OK they aren’t up there with 8Bit or RA. Just glad he’s back and I got some new tunes for the gym. Diamonds On The Dancefloor though <3

  • chib

    love this so much<3

  • Julien Ossola


  • JP

    I feel like this is when releasing an album of unreleased tracks is sometimes not the best idea. The tracks are a little bit underwhelming and, to me, lack some of what make 8Bit Heart and RA uniquely Simon and really, really good. I feel like some of the tracks are overproduced, too. They aren’t BAD, just…not as amazing as I was hoping for. Probably because they’re unreleased tracks. I’m really excited for Simon’s upcoming album though (of newer songs).

  • Chriss

    It’s Great!

    Long time waiting for new material is great, as always;)

  • Luke

    It’s just a free 8 previously recorded songs. Don’t throw in your Simon Curtis flag just yet :) I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Taylor Maciel

    Neon Lights <3

  • Dick Johnson

    Not his same producer I don’t think either. Stick with the sound we love.

  • nick

    he also said they were all written for other artists so that explains this.

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  • houseofimmite

    Haha don’t worry. I don’t give up on artist based on one piece of work. If that’s the case, I’d give up on the whole music industry.

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  • Alexandre Yamashita

    ohh baby, congratz!!!
    incredible!!! love it

  • Glória Conde

    It’s amazing and addictive, can’t stop listening to the whol album…had on repeat since I downloaded!! It’s frakin’ awesome Simon, thanks for sharing your talent & your songs with us , I love you <3333

  • little3all

    that‘s great

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  • 11:11

    these are all unrelease tracks they were never ment to be offical

  • 11:11

    it was taken on National coming out day, but he is gay

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