Wait, Just Who Is Working On ‘Britney Jean’ Anyway?

by Bradley Stern


Britney Jean is less than a month away from hitting shelves, and we still know next to nothing about who is serving up the tunes for the Legendary Miss Britney Spears‘ eighth studio album.

So, let’s think through the rumored collaborators.

How about Dev Hynes (AKA Blood Orange, who just released Cupid Deluxe), of Sky Ferreira‘s “Everything Is Embarrassing” and Solange‘s TRUE EP excellence?

Okay, so Dev’s out. That’s unfortunate.

Well, how about the almighty Darkchild, who was last seen mysteriously sitting inside a recording studio with The Holy Spearit during X Factor?

Oh. Wow, okay. So much for that.

Well, at least there’s Emeli Sandé collaborator, Naughty Boy!


Um. Okay. Right, then. So is anyone actually working on this album?

Well, we know that William Orbit has one song on the record called “Alien” which, according to B-Girl, is “really cool.” But that’s just one confirmed song. So who else is out there?


Oh, right.

We definitely do know is that professional pop terrorist/commercial radio goblin will.i.am is the album’s Executive Producer. But don’t worry, y’all! As you’ll remember, he told VIBE: “I didn’t produce it all — just guiding it.”

“Work Bitch,” of course, was produced by Sebastian Ingrosso Otto Knows, Anthony Preston and, um, will.i.am. Well, hey, that’s fine! Maybe he just forgot he co-produced “Work Bitch.” And then came “Perfume,” was co-crafted by Chris Braide, Keith Harris and, um…will.i.am. Erm.

I can confirm rumblings of an Afrojack production, and Ke$ha muzzler Dr. Luke has produced a second song by Britney and Sia — but apart from that, details are still sparse.

Let’s hope some other names surface soon…’cause, real talk, that will.i.cant reign needs to let up.


Britney Jean will be released on December 3. (iTunes)

  • nick perles

    Can you IMAGINE a Dev Hynes/Britney song? I would probably die. Also here for more Darkchild because, hello, Overprotected remix. Actually a lot of William Orbit would be fine too. Just worried about the other William…

  • PieceofMitch

    I worry that this will fall apart, similar to FF when it was redone last minute. Her team always has a way of taking great potential and throwing it out.

  • Blah

    This album was shaping up to be amazing but now I don’t know anymore. Let’s wait and see. Naughty Boy and Dev Hynes are the new blood of pop, will.i.am is getting stale by the minute.
    Teresa LaBarbera Whites, Blackout’s Co-Executive Producer, she’s the one Britney should be calling, now that’s a true label insider who’s aware on what’s fresh and could start a trend.

  • QueenBritneyJean

    Actually as much as i dislike Will.iam i can’t deny that he did great with Perfume! I’m obsessed with that song! I love her voice and the production is very pop and very britney! I really hope Dev Hines makes the cut because he’s flawless and the naugtyboy and emily sande song too! But, I’m very excited for the Charli XCX track as well!
    Oh and bradley you forgot to mention the new britney track called “Body Ache”! I wonder who produced that one!!

  • Blah

    Rumour is that Body Ache is EDM. Go figure.

  • http://www.muumuse.com Bradley Stern

    I don’t mean to be rude, but did you even read the post? Dev just confirmed all of his songs were rejected, and Naughty Boy confirmed he’s not on it either.

  • Blah

    I don’t understand how will.i.am gets someone from the uk like Lazy Jay to produce Scream & Shout. The guy is brilliant. And then he doesn’t put the guy in the studio with Britney. Doesn’t add up.

  • MikeyPop

    But remember when Darkchild was seen in a studio with Britney on the X Factor last year? If he’s not on the album, that means there could be a scrapped Britney album out there. Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner and Darker and Also A Little More Personal (Raw) exists.

    Also unforfunately Dr. Luke confirmed on twitter that he produced on the album. Luckily it was only one song. Here’s hoping he was talking about Ooh La La on the Japanese deluxe edition.

    And whatever happened to Bloodshy and Avant? I want those bitches back.

  • Blah

    Yeah, Bloodshy and Avant!! They are vital in Britney’s albums. Nicole Morier also, since Blackout!!

  • Galli

    Will.I.Am thinks he’s Henry Higgins to Britney’s Eliza Doolittle. I’m surprised the album’s not called “Pymalioney”

  • nick perles


  • Manuel

    Despite my initial enthusiasm with Perfume, the song is not working as expected. The ballad competition in the charts is fierce….and that area is not Brit´s forte.

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  • QueenBritneyJean

    I did ready it, but i was hoping that they’re just lying and that britney and will are still choosing the main tracklist for the album. I’m holding on to the last bit of hope that their songs get picked on the final tracklist. But with will.iam i’m pretty sure it might not happen :(

  • Teo

    We really have to wait and see and we’re less than a month away.

  • buylotusonitunes

    This era is such a mess. :(

  • Fré

    Thank You! Overprotected DarkChild remix is one of Brit’s best singles and videos ever! Lyrically also has great meaning opposed to most of her dance songs.

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  • Claudio Maddöx

    I’m worried about this album. Femme Fatale was so flawless to me. This just seems like “throw the cards in the air and see where they fall”

  • XXX

    how could it? i mean, she does nothing to promote that except a few interviews in the UK. her “blackout” is years ago and it’s not enough to say “Britney’s back” anymore…

    Hopefully Will.I.Am does not destroy the album…but I bet he will

  • XXX

    what i really don’t understand is why anybody is still working with will.i.am… did he have a hit solo (except scream&shout) or production-wise in the last years? Didn’t his sales prove that people are tired of his shit? Did all the artists that are working not hear his stale & boring material over the years? I really do not understand it…

    Britney used to work with new & fresh producers to create a new sound. And now she’s sticking to one of the most boring artists/producers besides Pitbull? I mean, even during her crazy times she made of the best pop albums of the last decade! Girl, if you do not want to put out new music, just don’t do it. But please, do not destroy your legacy!

  • XXX

    and by the way, how come that the “perfume” cover is way better than that awful “britney jean” cover?! I know that they wanted to go a “raw, stripped, look it’s just me naked” route, but that cover is shit

  • Carlos

    I’m very upset about the whole thing. How much longer it’s gonna take for Britney to properly promote her albums. First, will.i.am. is named the executive producer, WTF? he’s the last person I would want Britney to work with. Then, we get promised a Ray Of Light, now that sounds like a ridiculous joke! Then, Work Bitch flopped, I love it but the lack of chorus and the lack of promotion made it hard for it succeed on the charts. Then, that awful album cover. Then, everybody’s talking about how great her vocals are on Perfume and how emotional she sounds, I might be going deaf because I definitely don’t hear what you’re hearing, it’s actually the opposite. And now, all the producers I was hopping for are not in it?…On the other hand, I kinda hate Gaga but Artpop definitely sounds like its going to make me skip Britney Jean. Britney is so lazy nowdays and I hate that, I was hopping she’d come around this time and actually work (bitch) and make good choices for her career. She’s not. Sorry, but I have too much free time lately and I needed to vent. :)

  • Luke

    I just have to say that I think the background for this post would have made so much better of an album cover.

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  • Nick

    check out the twitter account of producers FRESHM3N III

    they are re-tweeting Brit all the time (hint, hint, hint)

  • Hmm

    also Jean Baptiste and Lazy Jay

  • XXX

    i thought the same. I’m still hoping for a different cover on the deluxe edition

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  • Saulo

    Hopefully Britney will go to Columbia Records for her next album, that’s where Teresa works.

  • http://twitter.com/yayjulian yayjulian

    So madt that will.i.am is behind anything Britney Spears.

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  • http://www.echdodust.com/ Dustin

    Danja has confirmed his involvement.

  • Malcolm

    Lazy Jay is Belgian

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  • http://randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk/ Random J

    Will.i.am don’t want no other n***a involved with this album but himself.

    Knowing that Darkchild, Dev Hynes and Naughty boy all had their material rejected for this album does not bode well for Danja – who at this point I’m accepting probably wasn’t even considered for ‘Britney Jean’.

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  • Tayy

    Oh we’re fucked. Plain and simple. Let us just set up a mass of vanilla candles and start a prayer circle that her team sees the public doesn’t actually like her work with will.i.cannot.

  • Tayy

    Also, why couldn’t they use the gorgeous, simple photo of her that you use for the banner? She looks so happy and sweet, which seems to be the aim for this album era, expect for the first single. It’s such a beautiful photo, that I might actually have to make it my laptop background.