“It’s Alright, It’s OK” singer-songstress and High School Musical starlet Ashley Tisdale is preparing for her grand return — or something.

Mere moments ago, the Headstrong diva uploaded the above artwork on her Twitter, along with the following blurb: “7 days…… 12/16 #YoureAlwaysHere #specialproject.” There’s no telling what the #specialproject exactly is (I don’t think it’s part of Madonna‘s #secretproject #loverevolution #artpop), although it’s clearly #something to do with #music.

As of April, Tizzy was still “feeling it out” in the studio. Is the long-awaited Guilty Pleasure follow-up finally upon us? Will we have to “Erase and Rewind” no longer? Are our “Hot Mess” days finally over?

All will be revealed soon enough…


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