Lea Michele Makes Another Bid At Pop Stardom With “Battlefield”

by Bradley Stern


While the world takes a breather for the holidays, Lea Michele is busily preparing for her pop takeover.

Earlier this month, the Glee starlet dropped her debut pop solo single “Cannonball,” a Sia, Benny Blanco and Stargate-crafted, striding self-empowerment ballad. It was a solid way to kick off the Louder campaign — although, admittedly, the song does play more like a Glee cover of a Sia song than an original tune.

With no time to waste before the album’s February release date, Miss Michele’s just premiered the second song off of her upcoming debut (as a pre-ordering incentive) — a piano-led break-up ballad called “Battlefield.”

Once again penned by Sia (who wrote about one-third of Lea’s debut album, FYI) as well as prolific composer and pianist (who, most importantly, played piano on Legendtina‘s Bionic), the song relies solely on a haunting piano melody and Lea’s capable, well-trained chops to carry out the emotion of the track.

Unlike the theatrically over-enunciated “Cannonball” (“like a cah-nun-bah-wull!“), which proved to be occasionally irritating, “Battlefield” is much more raw and heartbreaking in its delivery. “What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield,” Lea harshly cries out. (Probably would have made for a good inclusion on the Hunger Games soundtrack, no?) It’s a pretty haunting number — especially as Sia’s background vocals come wailing in during the final few seconds.

Consider this Lea’s very own “You Lost Me.”

“Battlefield” was released on December 28. (iTunes)

  • Thaís Gualberto

    So touching… *-* Completely in love.

  • Luke

    I want to like it. I love her voice. But it’s just barely decent for me…

  • Patrick O’Brien

    Is anyone into this? I dont get it.

  • Captain Calamity

    It’s nice enough, but it’s no “BETTA GO AN GETCHA ARMOR!”

  • CJ Stazenski

    Loved Cannonball & now this too! Everything about this album campaign feels refreshing to me. I’ve always enjoyed Glee but felt like Lea’s potential would be put to better use making pop albums. I watch the show basically just for her, so when she announced she was doing her own album I was ecstatic! I think it’s tricky for her to make an impact in the pop world as her own artist right now, but I’m hoping she’ll slay with this album. What do you do when you’re the Celine Dion of your generation but have to be marketed to a Glee/Miley/Demi audience? I’m just thrilled they are keeping this somewhat AC and didn’t sell out by going to extremes. (Like going straight for the teen pop/Disney crowd, or something like a whole album of Barbra covers… which is what I half expected initially.) I look forward to hearing the album in full, and it’s definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2014. I’m just glad you have been posting about her Bradley, I hope it continues! (And did you see her live performances on Ellen & X Factor?! FLAWLESS.)

  • eberfyne

    I wasn’t a fan until she got me hooked with “Cannonball.”

  • eberfyne

    I wasn’t a fan until she got me hooked with “Cannonball” – with “Battlefield,” I’m now a full-fledged fan!

  • eberfyne

    I wasn’t a fan until she got me hooked with “Cannonball” – with “Battlefield,” I’m now a full-fledged fan!

  • Pablo Delgadillo