Watch 15 Glorious Minutes of Britney’s ‘Piece Of Me’ Show from New Year’s Eve

by Bradley Stern

As one, two, three (REFERENCE) of you might already know, I rang in 2014 with Living Legend, Professional Perfume Enthusiast and full-time #WORKBXXCH Ms. Britney Jean Spears at her Las Vegas residency, Piece Of Me — or Live In Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back. #NotSoHumbleBrag

While my hot bod-eh has yet to recover fully from the Spearitual experience enough to put together a formal review (I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!), I’ve slapped together all of my footage into one 15-minute video to enjoy along with your morning cheesy grits and sweet tea. (As it turns out, I got bits from almost every song.)

Watch above to see B dancing till the world ends, switching wigs like it’s her pro-fesh-shun, walking her boyfriend David on a leash during “Freakshow,” wishing us all a Happy New Year and just generally remaining the Queen.


  • JoeG

    I loved all your footage! The work bitch performance was FLAWLESS on your show! Can’t wait to see her in February! :)

  • Teo

    I can’t wait for your review.

  • OohLaLa

    She’s come so far. Her dancing was great on me vs music!

    Just wish she personalized her tours. Call GaGa n Bey fake but at least they talk to the crowd. GaGa gives a new inspiring speech nightly.

    I honestly feel let down Britney never once thanked her fans on stage for sticking by her, she would’ve made the whole auidence cry if she delivered a “thank you” speech before “lucky”.

    Hayley from Paramore is a good example, really thanks the fans during every other song.

  • Chris

    I see you got distracted for a second by a hunky backup dancer…LOL

  • Edgar Chávez

    OMG! that was amazing! Can’t wait to go!

  • Sha

    She’s so f*cking amazing! Can’t wait to see the Vegas show myself! :)

  • Jacob Ryan

    “Hi, and thanks for tuning into tonights special broadcast on Las Vegas’ most trusted news source, Channel 13 Action News. I’m Rikki Cheese in tonight with a special segment before the news. Let’s go to Dennise Wong on the Las Vegas strip for more information on a sudden and alarming Las Vegas emergency. ”

    “Thanks Rikki, with Sources coming out of Las Vegas report masses of locals and tourists alike flocking to casino gift shops, local pharmacies, and clogging up huge amounts of hotel internet bandwidth, with particular mention of the Planet Hollywood Hotel. . . their query? Where they might be able to purchase, trade, or just plain have some wig fasteners. The recent spike in prostitution here in the desert has even seen the effects… with one woman breaking down to police and telling them her body was not ready, may not be for decades. But she would also like her hair back and she’d even [CENSORED] for it. Pleading with the perpetrator because, and I quote, “lacefront ain’t cheap, bitch.” The culprit for the desperate and unprecedented phenomenon? Well, the statistics line up with the opening of the new residency everybody’s been talking about. Britney Spears. That’s right folks, even your faves are no longer satisfying the voracious wig-thirsty appetite of the Louisiana native. She is bringing it, perhaps too hard, and she’s not going to stop until she has collected each and every wig within the Las Vegas metro area. Use EXTREME caution when attending her shows and if you see her on the street, simply fall to your knees and offer her the wig. I repeat, do not attempt to flee, she will snatch it so hard you may suffer extreme and potentially fatal injuries, with doctors coining it simply, the “femme fatale.”

  • mceyedol

    I can’t believe how far she’s come. She is doing really well. The video is great! There are times when she looses energy/stamina. The Slave 4 U iconic choreography is very sloppy and not sharp enough (going through the motions), then the Baby One more time the double spins was epic. If she could maintain the NRG and stamina this will be an epic career defining show. I hope they record it for BluRay/DVD for us Brits :) xxxx