Lana Del Rey To Cover “Once Upon A Dream” For ‘Maleficent’ Soundtrack, Remains Queen of Soundtracks

by Bradley Stern


#PhuckYoOscars, you little bitches.

While she might have been rudely and unjustly snubbed by the Oscars this year with her gorgeous Gatsby classic “Young & Beautiful,” Born To Die goddess and soon-to-be Ultraviolence Queen Lana Del Rey is getting ready to appear on a brand new movie soundtrack.

On January 26 (three days, y’all!), the “Diet Mountain Dew” diva will be releasing a cover of the Sleeping Beauty theme, “Once Upon A Dream” for the upcoming Angelina Jolie-helmed #SomethingMoreDark take on Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent.

As a refresher, here’s the classic for your listening pleasure:

And now, here is “Lovesick” songstress Emily Osment‘s modern ‘pop-rock’ rendition of the song — which will soon be rendered irrelevant, obviously.

Considering this is a song for Maleficent, Lana’s take will no doubt be as dark and brooding as we could hope, just like her mesmerizing cover of “Blue Velvet.” It (probably) won’t count for the Oscars next year since it’s a cover and not an original, but whatever: New Lana trumps all of the awards.

A dream within a dream, indeed.


  • James

    Seriously can’t wait. I think it will probably be a little more subdued and along the lines of Blue Velvet, but i’d love if she went full on over dramatic and it was like Dark Paradise. Big big big sounding.

  • ***Lotus

    In a perfect world …
    everytime you hear a LORDE on the radio or

    see LORDE on a magazine cover…

    ANYWHERE LORDE appears — it would be Lana Del Rey instead.
    No hate for LORDE, it just wasn’t her time yet. I would’ve loved Lana’s BTD and Paradise gotten more of Lorde’s shine. Lana def opened up a door and market for Lorde.

  • OxyCyrus

    I am 1000% here for this cover. It’s literally my favorite Disney song. Pretty much this is already my favorite song of 2014.

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  • Evan

    The infamous SNL performance definitely killed her buzz and delayed her success in the states. I prefer her to Lorde as well.