Win A Copy of the Pet Shop Boys’ ‘Elysium’!

by Bradley Stern

Today, the Pet Shop Boys release their eleventh studio album, Elysium. It’s absolutely brilliant and, if I catch a moment in between running after Madonna across the country and awkwardly chatting with Britney via webcam, I’d love to do a proper review.


Win a HTC One X with 4G LTE from AT&T!

by Bradley Stern

So, here’s the story from A to T&T. As an unhealthily obsessive music lover and way-too-frequent concert goer, I know by now that having a media-friendly phone is key for survival in this world. (I mean, you can’t Instagram a shaky concert photo of Lana Del Rey from a digital camera…DUH!) As a result, having… Read the full article


Win A Signed Copy of the Scissor Sisters’ ‘Magic Hour’!

by Bradley Stern

Kiki! Soso! Oui Oui! Non Non! Last month, the Scissor Sisters dropped their fourth solo effort, Magic Hour, featuring the drag-tastic “Let’s Have A Kiki,” the mile-a-minute sassy sex appeal of “Shady Love” (co-penned by Azealia Banks!) and their Calvin Harris-produced equestrian banga, “Only The Horses.” Now, Mizz Matronic, Jake Shears, Del and Babydaddy are… Read the full article


Win A Signed Copy of Azealia Banks’ 1991 EP!

by Bradley Stern

Bang, pop, pop, this thing go POW. Okay, quit with the van vogueing and pay attention for a hot second: You still twerking and werking to Azealia Banks‘ ferocious debut, 1991 EP? Thought so. (In case you missed it, check out the MuuMuse review.) Two weeks after releasing her EP digitally, the spit-fire Harlem-bred rapstress’… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’! (Album Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Calling all Glamberts! Yesterday, former Idol contestant, part-time Queen frontman and full-time Outlaw of Love Adam Lambert made history by becoming the first LGBT artist in history to top (ALRIGHT, SIMMER DOWN) the Billboard 200 chart at #1, selling over 77,000 copies and knocking fellow Idol alum Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away. A huge day for… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Gossip’s ‘A Joyful Noise’! (Album Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Earlier this week, Gossip released their fabulous, Brian Higgins-produced new record A Joyful Noise, featuring lead single “Perfect World,” as well as their brand new single (and my personal favorite of the album), “Move In The Right Direction.” (Seen the video yet? Well, you DAMN WELL SHOULD.) To celebrate the release… MuuMuse is giving away… Read the full article


Enter to Win A “Titanium” Prize Pack!

by Bradley Stern

If you’ve not already heard “Titanium” on the radio, Sia‘s massive dance floor anthem crafted alongside David Guetta (and one of my Top 10 Singles of 2011!), fear not–you’re about to. Having already peaked at #1 across the pond in the UK in early February (as well as hitting Top 10 in dozens of other… Read the full article


Win A Signed Copy of Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me”! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Grab your spray cans, ladyboys and girls: It’s time to get tagging! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing nothing else but strutting down the city streets (my bedroom at night), rocking the latest fashions (my Pillsbury Dough Boy pajamas) and whipping my ponytail (my panda hat) to Vampire Diaries diva Kat Graham‘s sassy… Read the full article


Win A Copy of The Wanted’s Debut US EP! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

In case you’ve somehow not yet heard (how’s that cave you’re living in? spacious?), the boys of The Wanted have at long last unleashed their debut American EP this week. The 10-track collection features tracks from both 2010’s The Wanted and 2011’s Battleground–including #1 UK singles “All Time Low” and “Glad You Came”–as well as… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Calling all Barbs! Last week, rapper/singer/professional dick-in-your-facer Nicki Minaj released her sophomore record, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which just debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 this week. (While you’re at it, check out the MuuMuse review of Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded now!) Didn’t hop aboard your Starship to get a copy in stores yet?… Read the full article