That Girl Is (Too Much Of) A Problem: Natalia Kills And Willy Moon Fired From X Factor New Zealand

by Bradley Stern

Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon are — or well, as of tonight, were judges on X Factor New Zealand. Their run on the show has ended tonight following a particularly harsh critique of a contestant named Joe Irvine. But “critique” really isn’t the right word: It was a flat-out attack. Just watch, if you haven’t… Read the full article


“I Want You”: A Tribute To Madonna’s Most Lonely Hit That Never Was, 20 Years Later

by Bradley Stern

I’ve been thinking a lot about Madonna in the past 24 hours since the Cape Yank Heard ‘Round The World at the BRIT Awards last night. To be fair, having Madge on the brain is nothing new. But since she’s got everybody talking yet again, I figured this would be a good excuse to do a #TBT for… Read the full article


It’s Time To Shut The Fuck Up About The Madonna-Gaga Feud Once And For All

by Bradley Stern

One day in 2012, a woman preparing to entertain the entire world with a Super Bowl halftime show performance sipped a cup of tea and uttered a single word: “Reductive.“ It was the shade to end all shades, echoing throughout forums and blogs for years to come. But ever since Madonna‘s one single, direct criticism… Read the full article


On National Coming Out Day, And Why It Matters

by Bradley Stern

A REAL LIVE GAY PERSON. This isn’t about music — it’s a little more personal (raw). Proceed accordingly. I have been out, I think, for exactly half my life at this point. I’ve known I was gay for even longer. Way, way longer. In fact, my parents had to be called in because I was making… Read the full article


My Date to The Movies With Madonna: The NYC Premiere of W.E.

by Bradley Stern

Disclaimer: My thoughts on W.E. will not be published until the week of release (February 3.) Now and then, there are some moments when I’m invited to cover an event, a concert or simply spacing out mid-interview with somebody important and/or pretty where I completely lose focus of everything happening in my head and ask… Read the full article


In Defense of Lana Del Rey

by Bradley Stern

On Saturday night, Lana Del Rey performed on Saturday Night Live. By the next morning, the internet was abuzz: The Huffington Post proclaimed “Internet Sensation Bombs On Her U.S. TV Debut.” NBC’s Brian Williams called her a “Brooklyn hipster” and “the least-experienced musical guest in the show’s history” in a personal email. Predictably sneery cyber… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: A PowerPoint Presentation of the Various Reasons Why Keri Hilson’s “Gimme What I Want” Is Amazing

by Bradley Stern

On the train ride home today, somewhere between pondering the solution to global poverty and attempting to shake off a recurring day terror involving a toaster oven and The Real Housewives of New York‘s Ramona Singer (I don’t feel emotionally prepared to discuss it yet), I said to myself: “Self, Keri Hilson‘s “Gimme What I… Read the full article


The Time I Saw Katy B’s Debut Performance in America (But Mostly Took Glam Shots With Adrienne Bailon)

by Bradley Stern

Yesterday evening, I had the great pleasure of attending UK grime-pop princess Katy B‘s debut US performance at Le Bain as part of the Giant Step/Steve Madden Music Series. After meeting up with my friend Jake, my worst nightmare Jon (of Alis-Blog, he’s literally the worst) and Jon’s roomie Justin, we began to mingle (Read:… Read the full article


Britney Spears: I Wanna Go (Video Review)

by Bradley Stern

FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU: IT’S THE VIDEO PREMIERE OF BRITNEY‘S I WANNA GO.” You think you’re ready for this? *Hands seashells.* Well, alright then…LEZ GO.


Jumping Trains with JoJo at the Girls Who Rock 2011 Benefit Concert

by Bradley Stern

Last Friday night (no Katy Perry segues, please), MuuMuse contributor Sam Lansky and I had the great pleasure of attending the She’s The First: Girls Who Rock 2011, a benefit concert to raise money for the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda. After munching on some free Pop Chips and taking shots of some of… Read the full article