Kelis: Flesh Tone (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Known for providing some of the most innovative, genre-bending dance-turned-R&B-turned-rock ‘n’ roll tracks of the 21st century, Kelis has always been known to be a formative, if not consistently underestimated figure in the music industry. With “Acapella,” the singer’s colossal first single from Flesh Tone, it was clear that the singer was by all intents… Read the full article


Kate Nash: My Best Friend is You (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

With My Best Friend is You, it seems Kate Nash has decided to shy far, far away from the sweetly sung, Lily Allen-tinged ditties on her debut. Well actually, there’s nothing too shy about it. The 22-year-old’s effort, released on April 19, finds the English songstress dabbling in the territory of defiant riot grrrl rawrrr,… Read the full article


David Byrne and Fatboy Slim: Here Lies Love (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Over five years ago, David Byrne met with Fatboy Slim to discuss a musical endeavor. His goal, initially inspired by the book The Emperor by Ryszard KapuÅ›ciÅ„ski, was to tell the tale of the theatrics of royal life through music. After stumbling on a newspaper clipping written about his soon-to-be protagonist and enlisting some of… Read the full article


Linda Sundblad: Manifest (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

I was first introduced to Linda Sundblad back in 2006 after hearing her latest single at the time, “Oh Father.” The song is a woefully delicious number, in which we find the guilt-ridden songstress pleading for forgiveness for indulging in dirty thoughts and some occasional self-pleasuring. “Touch of my Hand” it was not, but as… Read the full article


He Ate My Heart: Simon Curtis Unleashes Debut Album, 8Bit Heart

by Bradley Stern

After months of tempting and teasing his fans with song clips and lyric bits, Simon Curtis has finally unveiled his debut effort, 8Bit Heart. 8Bit Heart is a hard-hitting collection of cutting-edge pop hooks, catchy electronic noises and storming, dancefloor-ready synthesized beats that come together to celebrate the very essence of modern pop. With the… Read the full article


Ellie Goulding: Lights (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Lights is the debut album released on March 1 by Ellie Goulding, the 23-year-old British electro-pop chanteuse recently awarded with (or damned with, depending on your interpretation) the title of BBC’s Sound of 2010 Artist. The distinction stems from a list compiled at the start of each year by the broadcasting network responsible for predicting… Read the full article


Moto Boy: Lost in the Call (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Sweden is the epicenter of pop perfection. This is a fact that will never change. Case in point: Moto Boy, and his album released today, Lost in the Call. Moto Boy’s mournful coos and falsetto cries are nothing if not captivating, at times evoking Morrissey‘s sad, solemn delivery (“When My Heart Was High”); at others… Read the full article


Marina and the Diamonds: The Family Jewels (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

The Family Jewels is the debut album by Marina and the Diamonds (real name Marina Diamandis–see what she did there?). Having just been named the #2 “One to Watch” on the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2010 list, Marina is about to endure a great deal of scrutiny and criticism under the magnifying glass of the… Read the full article


Sade: Soldier of Love (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Soldier of Love, Sade‘s first studio album in over ten years, comes sandwiched in between two rather auspiciously timed events: heavy blizzards and Valentine’s Day. What else should be softly playing in the background than the warm, romantic layers of a Sade record? The musical influences found on this record stretch far across genres and… Read the full article


Heidi Montag: Superficial (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

It’s difficult to appreciate Heidi Montag as a human being. At first glance, she isn’t much more than your typical blonde bimbo socialite; a plastic Barbie making bank from a talentless role on a “reality” show gallivanting around L.A. to fill the narcissistic need for attention like a spray-tanned crack addict with a flesh-color beard… Read the full article