Wynter Gordon: With The Music I Die (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

It was right after she first began posting demos on her MySpace–songs like 2007’s spacey “Surveillance” (which remains as next level today as it did the day she unleashed it upon the world), that I first took notice of Wynter Gordon, the 23-year-old underdog with a superstar’s worth of potential waiting to be unleashed each… Read the full article


Beyoncé: 4 (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

If you’re looking for Sasha Fierce, don’t bother: She’s gone. Well, not entirely–she’s certainly still there twerking her hips above the militant beat of “Run The World (Girls)” and the frenzied horn-filled club bounce of “Countdown,” but for the most part, the divalicious alter ego of one of the world’s greatest entertainers has (temporarily?) stepped… Read the full article


Florrie Returns with ‘Experiments EP’ (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

After the release of her critically acclaimed Introduction EP back in 2010, UK singer-songwriter-drummer Florrie is back for another round. The former Xenomania in-house band member–who first rose to prominence as a solo artist after giving away a handful of electro-pop gems produced by Fred Falke on her official website–returns on June 14 with the… Read the full article


Simon Curtis: RA (Album Review)

by Sam Lansky

For those of us who have been following Simon Curtis from the very early days of his career, RA is a pretty big deal.


Lady Gaga: Born This Way (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

On Saturday night, Lady Gaga sat spread eagle atop a delivery table on the stage of Saturday Night Live, belting out “Born This Way” while grasping her very pregnant prosthetic belly before flooding the delivery table with goo and glitter. “My water just broke,” the 25-year-old superstar tweeted late on Sunday night. And today, on… Read the full article


Kitsune Maison Compilation 11 Makes the Hipsters Dance (Album Review and Giveaway)

by Sam Lansky

Kitsuné, seminal purveyors of fashionable dance music, are out with their latest collection of well-curated indie pop cuts this week. Here are some reasons why this is a good thing: 1. Although most Kitsuné compilations skew heavily toward the indie dance spectrum, this one is actually “indie dance” themed. This means that it’s indier and… Read the full article


Jennifer Lopez: LOVE? (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

When Jennifer Lopez‘s “Louboutins”–an ode to the couture cobbler–was released to a less-than-tepid response in the last week of 2009, Lopez seemingly began to struggle to find her footing in the market (excuse the pun), eventually taking a leave from her longtime label Epic Records in 2010. Yet only weeks after the announcement made the… Read the full article


Britney Spears: Femme Fatale (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

To review a new Britney Spears record, for me, is a bit like asking a crazed pageant mother if she believes her daughter is a star. Sure, she might have spilled apple juice (or Cheetos, more fittingly) all over her glitz costume, forgotten the steps to her baton routine halfway through the performance and fallen… Read the full article


Sky Ferreira: As If! EP (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Sky Ferreira will release her debut EP, AS IF! this week, and it’s like, so…whatever. Actually, that’s a flat out lie: It’s incredible.


Clare Maguire: Light After Dark (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

I didn’t get it at first. My first listen to the growling alt-country-indie-electronica-whatever-you-want-to-call-it of “Ain’t Nobody,” Clare Maguire‘s debut single released in mid-October of last year, left me feeling cold. The song’s accompanying abstract video proved even more perplexing, featuring a ghoulish looking Maguire belting out the track from a lone chair in the desert,… Read the full article