Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

I first discovered Nicki Minaj back in December of 2009 through a promotional video for “Itty Bitty Piggy,” one of the tracks off of Minaj’s 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty. Gum snapping, eyes rolling, breasticles ready to burst from her tight blouse at any given moment–I knew it was love at first sight.


Rihanna: LOUD (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

On June 5, Rihanna‘s name graced headlines after she appeared onstage at the Rock in Rio concert in Madrid donning a fiery red, ultra-cropped new ‘do. And although she was still in the midst of promoting her last album on The Last Girl on Earth Tour, it was clear that–with a small shock of red… Read the full article


Nadine Coyle: Insatiable (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Nadine Coyle has an insatiable ego. After rejecting a major label bid war in favor of an exclusive distribution deal at Tesco, reportedly declining an X Factor performance invite, and forgoing all contact with her (former) Girls Aloud band members for almost a year, Nadine Coyle has made it a point throughout the entire recording… Read the full article


Cheryl Cole: Messy Little Raindrops (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Remember when you were 15 years old and your then best friend in middle school messaged you on AIM after school one day to ask you to read her ‘poetry,’ and even though you didn’t really want to, you hit accept on the transfer request for “MyTears.doc” anyway? And then you read it, and it… Read the full article


Shontelle: No Gravity (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

No Gravity is, in many ways, a fitting title for a record so lacking in terms of marketing. So much has happened in the world of Shontelle that has restricted the Bajan songstress from being presented in a clear and consistent fashion to a mainstream audience: Release date push backs, little to no PR, a… Read the full article


Katy Perry: Teenage Dream (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Katy Perry is probably the only pop star I could ever feel compelled to deem a “guilty pleasure.” In my opinion, there are two types of catchy in the world: The one with pop hooks so well-crafted you’ll want them replaying in your head until the end of time (“Umbrella,” “Just Dance”), and then there’s… Read the full article


Röyksopp: Senior (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Everything they’ve said is true. “The introvert[ed] and darker sibling, who lives in the attic.” “More introspective and freeform than its poppier partner.” “Brimfull with dark secrets and distorted memories.” All of these are the descriptions being tossed out by Röyksopp‘s camp in advance of the release of their fourth studio effort, Senior. And for… Read the full article


Scissor Sisters: Night Work (Album Review and Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

On June 28, following a four year hiatus, the Scissor Sisters unveiled their third studio effort, Night Work. Darker and more cohesive than either of the Scissors’ past two efforts, Night Work is a masterfully executed, sleekly polished glimpse into the excess and depravity of 1970’s disco nightlife–all without ever hazarding the treacherous territory of… Read the full article


M.I.A.: Maya (Album Giveaway and Review)

by Bradley Stern

As you may or may not have heard, a lot of people are getting all butt-hurt about M.I.A.‘s ‘Internet-inspired’ new record because it is a very noisy, very obvious rebel-against-the-rebels reactionary piece. It is also kind of bad. The album’s heavy reliance upon noisy sirens and over-driven guitar licks means that sometimes the songs will… Read the full article


Kylie Minogue: Aphrodite (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

In case you didn’t know, Kylie Minogue is a legend. Despite the pop singer’s unjustly limited visibility in the North American market, Kylie Minogue is a beloved musical icon in most other territories around the world. Her sheer popularity and nearly revered status is to such a degree that the only real way to describe… Read the full article