May 1, 2010: Sia’s We Meaning You Tour at the House of Blues in Boston (Concert Review)

by Bradley Stern

This is my head penis! As a massive cloth banner sporting the singer’s name was hoisted into the air, strange alien noises began overlapping and spewing into the speakers. “We are born, we are born,” they began to disjointedly chant, hastening and finally meeting in a frenzied rally cry. At once, Sia pranced out with… Read the full article


February 5: Utada Hikaru Live at the Paradise Rock Lounge in Boston, MA

by Bradley Stern

Photo courtesy of AzyxA. HIKKIIIIIIIIIIIII! On Utada Hikaru‘s last tour, the Utada United 2006 tour in Japan, the average audience size per venue varied from 20,000 to 50,000 attendees nightly. Tonight, the singer responsible for the highest selling album in Japanese history was about to play to a tiny club of about 300 people in… Read the full article


December 1: Lady Gaga at the Wang Theater in Boston, MA (Concert Review)

by Bradley Stern

MuuMuse Excluusive photo. Please credit for use. I can’t say I’ve ever seen Madonna do that one. A projection of Gaga appears on the giant LED screen in front of us, floating slowly across the stage as the Vandalism remix of Ce Ce Peniston‘s “Finally” surges into the speakers. On the right side, a small… Read the full article


October 11: Kylie Minogue’s For You, For Me Tour Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC (Concert Review)

by Bradley Stern

“Do you see the sign for the New Yorker Hotel and the long line of gay men?” Queens, fairies, and muscle Mary’s of every shape and size (okay, perhaps even a few ladies–hey, Camille!) lined the streets of 34th and 8th Avenue on Sunday night to await the one and only Kylie Minogue. Tonight marked… Read the full article


September 5: Pet Shop Boys @ House of Blues in Boston

by Bradley Stern

Click “Read More…” to see the complete set of photos and videos from my first PSB experience in Boston last weekend! My deepest apologies for not getting around to writing up a proper review for this one.


Return to the Circus: Britney in Boston (August 29)

by Bradley Stern

Yes, friends…I’ve experienced The Circus: Starring Britney Spears for my third and final (never say final?) time. Click below for photos and video!


July 30, 2009: Grace Jones Live at the Hammerstein Ballroom (Concert Review)

by Bradley Stern

“I can die happy now,” shrieked the giddy, overweight man flailing over to my left as she slowly began sashaying away from the stage. I am dead center in a room of roughly 500 occupants at the Hammerstein Ballroom, standing directly against the banister in front of Grace Fucking Jones. As Michael and I approached… Read the full article


A Night In Peaches: May 16 In NYC (Concert Review)

by Bradley Stern

Last night, I went to Webster Hall to go and receive the Teaches from the inimitable Peaches. And, much to my surprise, I was neither punched in the face nor violated by a fat hooker. I did, however, have a complete blast. And I got to meet Anthony (TastesLikeCaramel) and Hannah (SheenaBeaston)! Total douches, truly…I… Read the full article


Daily B: Re-Entering The Circus

by Bradley Stern

No seven page review this time. Aside from the slight costume revamps, nothing new happened…’twas just plain good. Click “Read More…” to see pictures from Britney‘s last show in the U.S.!


Britney Does Boston: The Review

by Bradley Stern

It is finally complete. Like my lil’ drawing? Warning: Picture and praise heavy. ENTER THE CIRCUS. As the video screens start to pull upward along with the black curtains, the silhouettes of a half dozen circus performers slowly fill out across the smoke-filled stage. From above, the outline of a hanging cage begins to poke… Read the full article