‘Art Angels’: Grimes Rejects The Rules of Pop and Paves Her Own Path

by Bradley Stern

Grimes is in full control on ‪’‎Art Angels‬,’ an album that challenges the rules of pop music and the expectations of female musicians — and sounds like the love child of Al Pacino and Hatsune Miku.


‘Kylie + Garibay’: Kylie Minogue Plots Her Next Move With A Sexy, Unconvential Surprise

by Bradley Stern

Surprise! Kylie’s been experimenting in the studio with Fernando again.


This Is Your Brain On Drugs: Miley Cyrus’ Necessary Creative Detour With Her Dead Petz

by Bradley Stern

Miley keeps it weird for her sanity. Results vary, but there’s brilliance hidden within the weed smoke and milky milky milk.


‘WILD’: Troye Sivan Affirms His Potential To Be A Pop Star (And A Gay Icon)

by Bradley Stern

Troye Sivan’s ‘WILD’ positions him as not only a formidable singer-songwriter, but potentially the next great gay pop superstar.


‘Rebel Heart’: Madonna’s Unapologetic Pop Conquest (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

Once upon a time, there lived an #UnapologeticBitch named Madonna. She was baptized with #HolyWater but born with a #RebelHeart, which led her to take the road less traveled by. And in her quest to express herself and encourage the world to start #LivingForLove,  she eventually became #Iconic. 32 years, 13 studio albums, nine worldwide tours and one Sock Bitch… Read the full article


Madonna, ‘Rebel Heart’: Track-By-Track (Part Two)

by Bradley Stern

The last time we left off with Queen Of Everything Madonna‘s 13th studio album Rebel Heart, the record had only leaked in full once, and Snapchat and Grindr were still only being used for nudes…and “networking.” My, how much has changed. By now, we’ve all watched Matadonna’s spectacular, rose-colored return among sexy minotaurs on Snapchat… Read the full article


‘Vulnicura’: Björk Honors Her Pain With Her Most Raw Record Yet (Album Review)

by Bradley Stern

“I better document this,” Björk wearily sings on “Stonemilker,” the opening song on her ninth studio album, Vulnicura (or, literally in Latin, “wound heal.”) And so begins what is, undoubtedly, her most personal album to date. (Let’s get the Björkney Jean joke out the way right now.) In retrospect, the intimacy of Vulnicura only makes… Read the full article