Introduucing…Samantha Urbani!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Samantha Urbani. If you’re a fan of Dev Hynes (or Blood Orange), you’re probably already familiar with the singer-songwriter/Friends frontwoman because of her many contributions to Dev’s Cupid Deluxe, including the vocals on “You’re Not Good Enough.” That being said, she’s yet to release her own solo music until just now with “1 2 3 4,”… Read the full article


Introduucing…Aaron Pfeiffer!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Aaron Pfeiffer, a Pittsburgh-bred singer-songwriter currently living in New York City. Now, full disclosure: I’ve known Aaron for more than a minute now IRL after being introduced by my BFF, Jon ALi. As a rising artist on his grind, Aaron’s been busting his butt performing up and down the city for years — that is, when he’s not out in Los… Read the full article


Turkish Pop Star Atiye Makes Her US Debut With “Come To Me”: Premiere

by Bradley Stern

Meet Turkish pop star, Atiye. Atiye has been described as “The J.Lo of Turkey” in her official press release, which is an incredible description, so I’m just going to take as an objective fact. The German-born songstress dropped her debut album at 17 years old with Sony Records, followed by a self-titled sophomore record that… Read the full article


Introduucing…Emilie Esther, Winner Of ‘X Factor Denmark’!

by Bradley Stern

By now, it’s a fairly established fact that The X Factor series, more than most TV talent show competitions, really does supply massively talented performers and groups: One Direction (RIP, too soon), Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Samantha Jade…all big pop stars from all over the world. And, erm…Melanie Amaro. Sad face emoji. The question… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Meet Honor, an elusive chanteuse with an even more elusive USB drive. See, Honor has a rather intriguing discovery story that doesn’t involve being spotted performing at a local bar or racking up followers on YouTube. Well…not exactly, anyway. As legend would have it, YouTuber Luke Cutforth (LukeIsNotSexy) found a USB drive while commuting home… Read the full article


Introduucing…Anna Naklab!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Anna Naklab. Or, well, meet her voice, anyway. She doesn’t have any promotional photos just yet. In fact, the vocalist has been pretty enshrouded in mystery ever since her career took off last year with a dance floor-friendly cover of Chris Isaak‘s “Wicked Games” with Parra for Cuva, which hit Top 10 in the… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Meet CAPPA, born Carla Cappa. Having already released a debut LP (You Never Got Me) nearly 6 years ago, as well as a few spare singles like 2013’s “My Heart Is Beating Again”, the Nashville-based songstress has since ditched the last name and kicked off a brand new project as CAPPA. (A good ol’ caps lock… Read the full article


Introduucing…Max Elto!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Alexander Ryberg & Tom Liljegren, the Swedish duo known as Max Elto. You might have already heard them once on David Guetta‘s “Just One Last Time,” credited as Taped Rai. They’ve since changed their name to Max Elto — a LYLAS to Fifth Harmony situation, basically. Together, they make very emotive synth-pop, as featured on their… Read the full article


Introduucing…Phoebe Ryan!

by Bradley Stern

Meet Phoebe Ryan, a name you’ll likely want to know as soon as you hear that voice for the first time. It’s an immediately captivating kind of voice — featherlight, bright and sort of child-like — bringing other ethereal pop crooners like Becky Jean Williams, Ellie Goulding and LIGHTS to mind. “Mine” is Phoebe’s debut single, and… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

I haven’t properly written about VÉRITÉ yet, although she’s been included on at least a few MuuTunes playlists in past months. So, let’s change that. The rising NYC-based singer-songstress makes punchy, propulsive pop armed with soaring hooks, stomping drums, atmospheric textures and rocky undercurrents, seated somewhere at the table alongside Ellie Goulding, Lorde, BROODS, Kate… Read the full article