by Bradley Stern

Waiting for a change? Fear not: Mapei is ready to lead the revolution. The Stockholm-bred, Providence-born singer first debuted ‘on the scene’ in 2009 with an EP called The Cocoa Butter Diaries — as a rapper. Years later, having hit some “artistic stagnation,” she traveled to several countries including Brazil, from which she drew inspiration (and,… Read the full article


Introduucing…Cars & Calories!

by Bradley Stern

Cars & Calories is a duo made up of neither cars nor calories. Discuss. Cars & Calories is, in fact, an up-and-coming Norwegian pop-rock duo, known individually as Michael Markussen and Jim André Bergsted. And together, they make music that they themselves would describe as “somewhere in between British stadium rock and American dance-pop.” The… Read the full article


Introduucing…Jess Glynne!

by Bradley Stern

Jess Glynne might be a new name as a solo starlet, but her voice ought to be awfully familiar for those of you with an ear to the dance floor in 2014. The soulful UK songstress is responsible for supplying the vocal stylings featured on Route 94‘s UK #1 “My Love,” as well as Clean… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Meet Mileo! His full name is Miles Curtis Sesselmann — so, y’know, let’s just go with “Mileo.” Mileo is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, originally born and raised in Australia (Sydney, to be precise), although his family hails from both Norway and England. Therefore, he is quite worldly. Last year, Mileo met with singer-songwriter-manager David Eriksen in… Read the full article


Introduucing…King N’ Queen!

by Bradley Stern

Surprise! Tricked you. Sort of. You see, King N’ Queen might be a new duo, and “Girlfriend” might be a new song, but you more than likely already know a lil’ something about all the players involved in this production. (And if you don’t, well…consider this your formal Introduuction all around.) The King in question… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Between BANKS and Lorde and Say Lou Lou and Lana Del Rey and Lykke Li, the downtempo ladies are truly having their moment in the sun — err, moonlight. East London singer-songwriter (and/or Elusive Chanteuse) SLK (that’s pronounced “Silk”) is a relatively new name to add to the steadily growing list of brooding music makers. She’s… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

Wrathschild is born. Following the release of his sophomore record R∆ in 2011 and the WWW mixtape back in October, LA-based singer-songwriter, Boy Robot and friend of mine (FULL DISCLOSURE, because #journalism) Simon Curtis has been steadily putting together a #secretprojectrevolution of his own: Wrathschild, an electro-pop duo two years in the making formed with… Read the full article



by Bradley Stern

It’s time to get familiar with Lune, the musical project helmed by Swedish songbird, Linnéa Martinsson. If you’re conscious of the more trendy EDM tunes churned out over the past years, you’ll probably recognize Linnéa’s voice from Adrian Lux‘s “Fire” and “Teenage Crime,” as well as her gorgeous reinterpretation of Swedish House Mafia‘s “Leave The… Read the full article


Introduucing…King Deco!

by Bradley Stern

First things first: King Deco is, in fact, a Queen. (The “King” part of her name represents her “quest for strength and sustainability in a male-oriented world,” just as a little FYI.) From the moment I first heard “One” (it’s a lucky debut single title, for sure), I knew Jordan-bred, NYC-based singer-songwriter could be the… Read the full article


‘Just Like You’: Rising R&B Princess Liz Takes Us Back To Y2K

by Bradley Stern

It’s time to get familiar with LA-based R&B-pop princess on the rise, Liz. Liz hails from Diplo‘s Mad Decent label — home of Bauuer, Zebra Katz, Crookers, Rusko and dozens of other dancehall, moombahton and techno acts. That’s a little shocking to hear, because unlike the off-the-walls, twerk-filled Block Party insanity that the label tends to… Read the full article