Club Track of the Week: Zoe Badwi – Freefallin’

by Bradley Stern

Break out the poppers–we’re going down under! As we all well know, Aussieland is prime pickin’s for disco divas: The Minogues, Holly Valance, Olegendia Newton-Jesus…the list goes on and on. This week’s club bumper is Zoe Badwi‘s “Freefallin’,” which was first released in Australia back in July of last year. Penned by English singer/songwriter Amy… Read the full article


Bargain Bin Adventures: Corina – Give Me Back My Heart

by Bradley Stern

After the success of my Bardeux post, I think it’s time for another round of bargain bin adventures! Last Saturday, I found myself rummaging at a Goodwill in Somerville, MA after an amazing brunch with amazing friends at a tiny restaurant in the area that I will not tell you about for fear that many… Read the full article


Spike Heels and Skin Tight Jeans: An Ode to “Graffiti My Soul,” A Perfect Xenomania Production

by Bradley Stern

In light of the recent news/gossip published in the UK’s The Sun about Britney‘s alleged sessions with powerhouse pop production team Xenomania (seizing, crying), I’ve decided a Xenomania appreciation post is in order. While there are simply too many brilliant Xenomania productions to count (well, maybe I’ll do one once a week or something!), I… Read the full article


A Wonderful Song From A Wonderful Album: Jessica Mauboy’s “Maze”

by Bradley Stern

So here’s a post I’ve meant to do for over a month. Jessica Mauboy is the runner-up from the fourth season of Australian Idol. For those who haven’t encountered her name yet in their musical journey, a very brief history: Jessica Mauboy has a very listenable and melodic voice, comparable to that of Jordin Sparks,… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: The Top 50 Singles of 2010

by Bradley Stern

Still hot from the Internet-killing, bandwidth-shattering success of yesterday’s Top 40 Albums of 2010 list (including a most major of giveaways, in which I’m giving away ALL TEN ALBUMS that made the Top 10 of the list–you still have time to enter up until January 2!), I now present MuuMuse’s Top 50 singles of 2010.… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: The Top 40 Albums of 2010 (And A Very Special Giveaway!)

by Bradley Stern

Here we go again: The end of another year in music! 2010 may well be remembered as the Year of the Future (if not the Year of All Hearts—hint hint!): A year of fembots, androids, bionic women and time-traveling adventures deep into the 22nd century. Space-age love stories and robo-dramatics colored a large portion of… Read the full article


Last Dance, Last Chance: A Very Thorough X Factor Final Performance Night Review (December 11)

by Bradley Stern

THIS IS IT, as one of the X Factor judges famously sang 17 years ago (oh my God, 17 years?!): The STAR-STUDDED X Factor final show is finally upon us! And thank God, because I’m totally over it.


Club Classics and Get Me To The Finals: A Very Thorough X Factor Performance Night Review (December 4)

by Bradley Stern

We’re almost there! It’s the semi-finals of X Factor. Five acts remain–four will go on to the grand finale! And now, we’re down to all four of MuuMuse’s favorites from the very beginning: Cher Lloyd, Rebecca Ferguson, Matt Cardle, and Mary Byrnes. Oh, and One Direction’s still going strong. THANKS A LOT, TEENS. Tonight’s show… Read the full article


MamaMuuse Presents: Burlesque, A Review of A Modern Masterpiece

by Bradley Stern

Yesterday afternoon, my mother and I went to the movie theatre for a screening of the film Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. Afterward, my mother felt compelled to write me an email with a review of the experience. Here are her thoughts. Dear Son – Thanks for inviting me out for a lovely mother-son… Read the full article


Rock Week: A Very Thorough X Factor Performance Night Review (November 27)

by Bradley Stern

It was “Rock Week” on X Factor tonight. FUCK YEAHHHH! Oh man—what’s going to happen?! Will Dannii rock a mohawk?! Will Cheryl Cole light her nipples on fire?! Will Katie Weasel not be impossibly grating? No, none of that happened.