Win A Copy of Rihanna’s Talk That Talk! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Today, our glorious and all-knowing Illuminati Navy Commander Princess RiRi has finally unleashed her sixth studio album, Talk That Talk. IT’S A CELEBRATION, BITCHES! Now which one of you baked the birthday cake? If you didn’t know all this already…um, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Check out the MuuMuse review right now! I’m drunk on love–with… Read the full article


Win A Copy of JoJo’s New Single “Disaster”! (CD Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

In case you’ve been living under THE WORLD’S BIGGEST ROCK EVER, you already know that Queen JoJo‘s just released a brand new single: “Disaster,” the lead track from her upcoming album Jumping Trains. As I’ve established previously in my review of the single, “Disaster” is an amazing pop song. Thoroughly so. Now, the song can… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Sneaky Sound System’s New Album, ‘From Here To Anywhere’! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been movin’, groovin’ and generally getting DOWN to Sneaky Sound System‘s fiercely real third studio album, From Here To Anywhere, released last month worldwide. Seriously, it’s one major disco gem packed with ’80’s and ’90’s House realness: From the big, bossy beats of “We Love,” to the cool synths… Read the full article


Halloween Excluusive: Download the Simon Curtis/Britney Spears Mash Up “Turn My Flesh Inside Out”

by Bradley Stern

Happy Halloween, Muusers! Did all my fellow New Englanders survive Snowmageddon? Kind of a holiday buzz-kill, right? Whatever. Even though it kind of feels like the holiday’s already passed, the Witching Hour is finally upon us! I hope wherever you are, your festivities will be filled with scary vampires and zany zombies, two-years-too-late Jersey Shore… Read the full article


Win Tickets to See ‘A Special Night with Demi Lovato’ This Fall!

by Bradley Stern

Calling all Lovatics! You still busy twerking to “Who’s That Boy”? Werking to “All Night Long”? Occasionally taking a break to scream-sing “Skyscraper” in the shower? Well, good–now it’s time to experience a taste of Unbroken LIVE. In case you haven’t heard, Demi Lovato‘s hitting the road this fall for A Special Night With Demi… Read the full article


MuuMuse Excluusive: Garcon Garcon – Stay In Touch (Video Premiere)

by Bradley Stern

As Muusers may know, I’m madly in love with the boys of Garçon Garçon. (If you haven’t been properly Introduuced to the synth-pop Aussie duo yet, check out my initial write-up from back in December.) In advance of their upcoming EP, due out sometime before Christmas, the boys have just put the finishing touches on… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents… BooMuse!

by Bradley Stern

BOO, Y’ALL! Halloween is right around the corner! It’s time yet again to begin searching for the perfect (tastefully slutty) costume, buying several pounds of candy corn no one’s ever going to eat until it goes stale (but isn’t it already stale? I digress), and figuring out the right party to attend–and I’d rather be… Read the full article


Interview with…Katie Herzig!

by Alex Nagorski

Last week, singer/songwriter Katie Herzig released her fifth studio album, The Waking Sleep. On this record, the Grammy Award-nominated chanteuse abandoned her signature melancholy acoustic-driven sound in favor of matured and complex dark electronica layered with contemporary folk pop. The result? A near flawless compilation of music guaranteed to secure a prominent spot on the… Read the full article


MuuMuse Excluusive: Interview With Nadine Coyle at GUMBOPOP!

by Bradley Stern

On September 16, MuuMuse and GUMBO NYC teamed up for #GUMBOPOP, an artist showcase/dance party featuring performances by Chris Salvatore, Neon Hitch, and the flaw-free goddess herself: Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud! But before Coyle took to the stage early Saturday morning, she took a seat (and took off her shades!) backstage for a sit-down… Read the full article


MuuMuse Excluusive: Sabi Steams Her Vegetables

by Sam Lansky

STOP YOUR ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE. Sometimes, in life, things happen that are so incredible they actually defy explanation. This happened to me last weekend at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, when I was brought face-to-face with rising popstrel, Dr. Luke protege, and Britney Spears collaborator Sabi, who was DJing at the Teen Vogue Haute… Read the full article