Win The W.E. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Mini-Poster! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

In case you hadn’t already heard, Madonna‘s been busy writing and directing a movie over the past 3 years called W.E. (Want to read about my experience at the film’s screening in NYC? Warning: I got a little emotional.) The film’s score was composed by Abel Korzeniowski, while the final song, “Masterpiece”–one of Madonna’s most… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die! (Album Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

HEY, over there… Yes, YOU! Put down the video games. I have something to say! Today, the ever delightful, ever controversial heaven-sent songstress Lana Del Rey released her debut studio album, Born To Die. (In case you missed it, check out the MuuMuse Review now!) Want to own the album in physical form? Not exactly… Read the full article


MuuMuse Excluusive: JoJo – “Disaster (Jorj N Andy Remix)”

by Bradley Stern

JoJo – Disaster (Jorj & Andy Remix) (Radio Edit) by muumuse Guess the walls aren’t the only thing burning up…it’s time to get the dance floor blazin’ too! While “Disaster,” the lead track off of her much-anticipated studio album Jumping Trains, continues to climb on Top 40 radio, Queen JoJo is about to unleash a… Read the full article


Win Tickets to See The Wanted at Irving Plaza in NYC on January 22! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Yesterday, UK heartthrobs The Wanted made their U.S. television debut and performed “Glad You Came” on The Ellen Show (while getting quite a few ladies in the audience hot and bothered in the process.) Oh, you want(ed) more? WELL…I’LL GIVE YOU MOAH! MuuMuse is proud to be giving away TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS to see… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: The Top 50 Singles of 2011

by Bradley Stern

Two weeks ago, I presented my Top 25 Albums of 2011. Now…it’s time for the Top 50 Singles of 2011! If the album list was tough, this was one step short of impossible, Shontelle style. Between rock-solid offerings from my favorite pop princesses, to stunning debut tracks from some of MuuMuse’s Most Anticipated artists, to… Read the full article


MuuMuse Excluusive: Listen to Jessie + The Toy Boys, “Marilyn”

by Bradley Stern

Looks like Michelle Williams isn’t the only one channeling Marilyn Monroe lately. Just as My Week with Marilyn hits theaters across the country, it seems Mizz Jessie + The Toy Boys has been doing her own reflecting on the iconic bombshell’s untimely demise–electro-pop style. “Marilyn” is one of Jessie’s more serious-faced offerings, putting a brief… Read the full article


Win A Signed Copy of Rihanna’s ‘Talk That Talk’! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

RIHANNA NAVY…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! On November 22, we found love in a hopeless music industry when Bajan Illuminati Size Queen Navy Commander Princess Rihanna unleashed her glorious sixth studio album: Talk That Talk. Now I’m all drunk on love (did you read the MuuMuse review yet?), and I’ve gained approximately 750 pounds from all… Read the full article


Win Every Album from MuuMuse’s Top 10 of 2011! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Yesterday morning, I posted my Top 25 Albums of 2011. (Did you read it yet?) From what I’ve gathered in the comments section, some of you were very pleased with the final ranking, some of you were positively blind with anger (“BIASED!!!”), and most of you were quite simply happy to be here. But however… Read the full article


MuuMuse Presents: The Top 25 Albums of 2011

by Bradley Stern

There’s no way around it: 2011 was an astoundingly good year in pop music. Not since the 2007 reign of Kylie‘s X, Britney‘s Blackout, Rihanna‘s Good Girl Gone Bad and Girl’s Aloud‘s Tangled Up has there been such a strong showing in pop: We found love in the most hopeless of places, hung onto a… Read the full article


Win A Copy of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way: The Remix! (Giveaway)

by Bradley Stern

Last weekend, my bloggy BFFL Jon ALi and I went on a road trip to Boston. And in between the scream-singing of a majority of Talk That Talk (and some Kat DeLuna, but we’re not talking about that right now), Jon played me some of his favorite mixes from Mademoiselle Gaga‘s brand new remix album:… Read the full article